Dr. Anthony Atala , director of the New York State Division of Disease Control and Prevention, said, I can't recommend anything that does not take the flu into account.

that is exactly what happened.

Emma’s brother Sam, who is 18, told the Times that “Emma was sick for a month” and “went to bed to die” during this period. At the doctor’s urging, Emma was allowed to return to school, where she has been attending and has been getting help for seizures and her mild brain issues. The family believes what they call the “chasing”of the virus (when a child has nothing but diarrhea and cramps in their body but the body has the flu or it may just have been allergies) that put the little girl in a coma.

As avaccineawareness poster put it when their daughter suffered a severe episode of convulsion, “I want to show there is a chance and we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t believe that we could do something to help.” Dr. Anthony Atala , director of the New York State Division of Disease Control and Prevention, said, “I can’t recommend anything that does not take the flu into account.”

The CDC is calling attention to the virus as the only one to emerge after years of widespread eradication efforts. According to the International Flu Pandemic Eradication Initiative , this is the first time in history a strain of vaccine-induced virus has returned. The vaccine is highly efficacious; about half of the children vaccinated against the Flu get flu when they get other flu symptoms. For Emma, the vaccine caused little or no side effects. A rare virus with no known vaccine-linked cause, the outbreak has killed more than 200 people in many cases from severe neurological and non-polio outbreaks

Emma is undergoing a bone marrow transplant to repair the damage, and her condition is continuing to improve. She is listed in stable condition at Cornell Medical Center, however when she was home late last week, she was very weak and exhausted. Her condition has remained stable over the past week and they are happy she is doing well. Emma’s parents said she has been on a daily regimen of high intensity therapy and has had two major vaccinations in the last week. Her condition is improving.

But this is only the beginning. The CDC is predicting an even worse virus will emerge following its elimination from the population. We just can’t stop now and be complacent about outbreaks of the flu. This is one of those times when people have been dying to the strains of virus that make up the vaccine and we’re not even fully aware it’s there and you’re told to just go home and rest.

Sally C. Neumeier, PhD.

President, New York State Coalition Against Childhood Illness

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