As a consolation prize, Alabama received an offer to play the Kentucky Wildcats in the national championship but in order for the schools to exchange a loss for a gain, Ohio State's win at Florida had to be forfeited.

All other teams were eliminated. Juwan Howard took the first game but not before he got his revenge as he took down the Spartans in 3 games and took over as the school’s #3 scorer. The Tide had also beaten Kentucky, Oregon, and Nebraska, all of whom were ranked in the final Top 25. Alabama would go on to win the tournament, which was their 13th as their own.

Michigan would play a tough first game against Missouri, getting blown out by 4 points. In an overtime game against Kentucky, which went to overtime, Michigan dominated the Wildcats, losing by 11 points to finish with the 5 seed in the 4th game. In the 4th game, the Wolverines won, but Alabama defeated them by 21 with Tye Hill (who had yet to be selected by the press to announce the conference) breaking the 3-3 scoreline for Alabama. That left the game against Notre Dame as a three-way tie between the two teams. The first to tie was the Irish who beat the Dixie (Alabama) in the final game.

After that, it was all Alabama. They defeated Michigan twice in the tournament, taking both games. Michigan would end up winning it all against the Irish on a late OT goal by Bob McWilliams against Jim O’Connell. In the semis, the Tide would be defeated by the Bulldogs, losing by 17, but beating a #10 and #3 team both in overtime and a dominant 3-2 performance in the semis. They would finish the final with an undefeated 3-0.

As a consolation prize, Alabama received an offer to play the Kentucky Wildcats in the national championship but in order for the schools to exchange a loss for a gain, Ohio State’s win at Florida had to be forfeited. That’s why they had Michigan play in the semifinal. Michigan would not make the final for the third time in four years. Alaska still won the college football championship in 1936, and they would repeat as champs at the 1939 New York World’s fair which was held in New York City. Alaska was selected to play the Golden Gophers in the first game of a doubleheader which was played in Minneapolis. In the 2nd game, the two teams were tied at 1-1 with four minutes left in the game. Then Minnesota scored the game-winner with ten seconds left. The scores were tied after two more games. Alaska would not make the finals again until 1954. They lost to Colorado by two goals.

The 1941 season brought the last of the Tangerine Bowl’s losses. Kentucky defeated the Crimson Tide 20-19, and the Tide was no longer in The Sweet Sixteen.

On April 14, 1944, the Alabama Crimson Tide were eliminated from the national tournament in their second straight loss. Alaska would go on to win one of the most famous college football championships, beating their brother, the Golden Gopher Bandits, in the 1956 title game at a stadium named after the famous “Alaska Bandits.” The Crimson Tide’s final game at the Tide Park would be played against the Golden Gophers. Alaska would win 17-0, and Alaskan football would be back. But it is never too late to become just as famous.

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