The cops found the body a half mile from the house,as the front yard was littered with garbage and trash bags.


MOTHER OF TWO DEAD; GRENADINES KILLED IN MOORE COUNTY CAVERN: . . . “Our oldest son, who is 19,””told me his dad,””Wen,””which had been dead for five years,””had taken another turn for the worse “”and the only way he was going to live was to die now.”””The cops found the body a half mile from the house,””as the front yard was littered with garbage and trash bags.”””My parents had the cops and the morgue come.””I was taken to the house and asked to look at the body.””She was naked,””and her hair had gone gray.”””She had been stabbed,””with what looked like a pair of scissors.””The police then told her that a couple of young women were waiting up the street and would be there shortly,””which is exactly what I think my mother said.””The body was taken to our friend’s house and then later to the morgue and then to an autopsy.”””The body was then taken to the hospital and then to the funeral home and then they had to get another autopsy,””which is where I think it really became a mess.””They sent it straight to an expert, “”who was not a doctor and did not even have an office in the area,””but they agreed with the results,””and then he made recommendations for further investigation.””When they brought in the autopsy to the hospital””it was all dark. “”It didn””all look to be a death by blunt force trauma.””They couldn””the hair and then there was just so many different pieces that they couldn’t figure out who they were.””No way they can put a name on them.””It looked like it was one person.””They brought in another forensic pathologist and he was also unable to figure out who it might have been.”””He was pretty upset about that,””but I don””t think he could have done anything any different.””It was more than a little shocking.””There was no reason for this to happen.””He was on the police force so much he didn””t think about these things.””They are so unpredictable,””and there are so many ways to do it.”””‘This isn’t going to be like the old days,’””I told him,”””but it has to be handled.””Once they find this person’s killer,””the case becomes solved and can no longer be touched.”””Once they have that person,””it all becomes much simpler.””Even if it isn’t your killer,””you never know what could have happened.”

The case took off, as did the police presence. Even though someone at the funeral home was saying “we have been over the body over 30 times, “”but after it was identified,””we figured out exactly which person it was.””They all have the same markings on their neck and hair.”””They were all close friends who lived up the road from us.”””When we got

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