In fact, I'd guess that by the time you finish the last 2 hours, I'll have a pretty good list of the songs my friends, family and other fans have recommended to me.

There were some bumps along the way, but it seems she pulled through and performed as best she could to go along with the rest of the stadium. I can imagine she was quite nervous (again), but the moment she took the stage was one of the greatest I’ve ever seen. To hear her go into her performance without a script is to witness something so special. With that said, listen to this… Ellie looks like the real deal, but somehow she manages to convey what the stage was like in real life – and that’s pretty sweet of her. One final tip… I think this song is one that we all need to check out because there’s so much amazing songwriter talent that can be found in this set – and it’s all so beautiful! Watch any of this concert below – she nails that voice. (We don’t normally post concert images on this blog).

The full concert runs for four and a half hours, so expect to be on edge for quite some time afterward. This is a band that can play an old fashioned classic like ‘Honey Moon’. There’s a great deal that makes them that band. They’re also well-proportioned and have a great sense of humor. It’s kind of a shame that they don’t release a CD – and the reason I’m writing this is because I’m still listening to these songs on a loop a few days after the show.

For our first song, one we see frequently in old Beatles and Rolling Stones concerts, it’s the “Good Vibrations” theme song. This particular song is used in many old musicals by Paul, Ringo and George, and it was the theme song to the television show “One Day at a Time” (a real classic, as well). It’s funny stuff all around – but this song really does say “Good vibes” through no-nonsense.

I know the most anticipated of these songs, I think, is “She’s Leaving Home”, since there’s been a rumor floating around for quite some time that it would be this song. Well, it turns out that it’s a cover by the same group that gave us “A Day at a Time”, and that, unfortunately, it’s a pretty lousy one too. I do think that it’s good – but not nearly so good enough to be the best song from this show. Still, that should probably be the album’s best track, so I’ll stick with that.

This song is the perfect example of what I’m talking about in the post about ‘Sick of It All’. It has the raw power that you would expect from a song in the middle of a Beatles, Stones and other hard rock and rockabilly songs – and it just works really well. The opening line is so simple and heartfelt – I have the impression that its author wasn’t even on the show, and it’s a very nice tribute to the band. There’s also a pretty catchy “A Fool for Love” as well, I know…

After that, you don’t need any more than two-and-a-half hours to have a very good time. The set ends with some of the most memorable material I’ve heard in a long time, and the crowd absolutely loves it. They literally start climbing up the stage throughout the rest of the performance – it’s not unlike what I wrote about on this blog last week. They definitely don’t let up after “She’s Leaving Home” and get straight into the heavy hitters and covers.

In fact, I’d guess that by the time you finish the last 2 hours, I’ll have a pretty good list of the songs my friends, family and other fans have recommended to me. Thank you so much for listening to me try to recount this thing over and over again! It’s very interesting that “A Day at a Time” got the biggest applause of the entire recording – despite some audience trouble that started in the first verse. I guess it’s not always so easy to get a big cheering crowd to get behind “a common song” as “A Day at a Time”. They definitely get into it!

Some songs that were pretty popular with people, but not necessarily me, are “You Really Got Me” (“What kind of a person would want to be alone?”), “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Don’t Tread On Me” (again, not “too common”) – I’ll let you decide if that’s something you’d try again if you could… and then there’s the beautiful cover “Come Together”, which is the most memorable version I can remember. It has all the good cheer and uplift from a Beatles song and a good little tear, and the band do a pretty strong job of blending a heavy metal riff with

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