If you feel like your appetite is overwhelming, eat a piece of bread for lunch, or a small snack.

____ When you do your body fat test to make sure youre underweight, keep in mind that the amount of fat you have will determine how much of a risk factors you have for heart problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides. If you have a fat mass of 20% or more, you have a high risk for heart disease. There are lots of healthy foods you can eat in abundance as the whole 20%. They can include ————– Fruits and vegetables: 100% fruit, vegetables, berries, peas, bananas, apples, green grapes, or all parts of the garden. Legumes, beans, peas, and seeds: Most legumes are good sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Some vegetables are good sources of fiber as well. Dairy foods: All dairy and cheese products are good sources of vitamins, minerals and protein. These foods can be stored safely in your body and be easily digested. Dairy is not particularly healthy, but some people do eat dairy in a balanced way such as cheese with milk, or yogurt or a glassful of milk with yogurt. Be aware of the type of dairy products you can have: dairy-free brands can be good if you try but you must consider all of the additional nutrients and the fact that you may need a special diet especially if youre dealing with diabetes or a high blood sugar level (if you do tend to have a high blood sugar level). For more on dairy foods, visit the Diabetes Association website.

The other thing to keep in mind is that people who are trying to lose weight often take too many calories that are not being burned and go from eating more to eating a lot less.

“We do need the energy to take in glucose, and to use the glucose for the processing of glycogen during exercise. The problem is in that there is this tendency to be out of balance in terms of glycogen stores and that sort of thing. Thats why people need to be doing things like exercising so they’re not in a downward spiral where they’re eating less and less for weight loss. It allows you a little time for the process to take place.” Jennifer Thacher “When my husband first started working out, he wanted to see how many calories he was getting” Jennifer Thacher “Calories count and not your weight.” Jennifer Thacher “Calories are good, but do not count calories. Calories count only if you keep them, but don’t count them if you take them away. Calories keep you alive.” Marilyn Wann “Just eat more, don’t think about them.” ~ Marilyn Wann “A calorie is a calorie.” Marilyn Wann “Don’t worry about how you look, live every moment like it is your last” Marilyn Wann “Eat the food. It does not matter what you do to it. If you do not eat that, you will not make it to the end of the day.” Marilyn Wann “Be like a mule. If you have no food at all, there can be no energy.” Marilyn Wann “You can only live for so long and if you do not stop, you may never be able to be free.” Marilyn Wann “Be a mule, go with God don’t look for help.” Marilyn Wann “Your stomach is in order.” Marilyn Wann “If you have a problem, come to your doctor immediately. If you feel you need help, a good doctor.” Marilyn Wann “If you feel you are going through a relapse, do the things that take the longest to accomplish. Start the exercise program, be gentle toward yourself, and you may just find an answer.” Marilyn Wann “Do not eat too much: The problem is as much hunger as it is fat. Do not give that up. If you feel like your appetite is overwhelming, eat a piece of bread for lunch, or a small snack.” Marilyn Wann “Some people have too much. Don’t eat too much, all you need to do is to not eat.” Marilyn Wann “If you are looking to drop 40 pounds, you are looking at 1 pounds per week.” Marilyn Wann “If you have a problem, come to your doctor immediately. If you feel you need help, a good doctor.” Marilyn Wann “Take it easy. If you have a problem, come to your doctor immediately.” Marilyn Wann “Don’t overthink it. “The key is to take the action step

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