The woman and her husband both spoke to local TV affiliate KTVI Friday night, saying they felt threatened and were both extremely frightened.

the parking lot of a local Starbucks Thursday morning. The woman alleges she was subjected to a vile and disgusting attack by Nicholson and his two other associates, one of whom was apparently intoxicated.

The unnamed woman is one of the people listed as having had dinner and drinks with Nicholson Thursday night. She was allegedly “furious with his behavior” and demanded he leave the vicinity. She says she was then physically attacked, though no details were given of the incident. The woman and her husband both spoke to local TV affiliate KTVI Friday night, saying they felt threatened and were both extremely frightened. “I got really worried for my safety so I went to the police who took care of her like you would normally treat your friends,” the woman’s husband told KTVI’s Richard Deitsch. “She did not have a lot of bruises and she was really scared and we were going in the car to catch breakfast in our hotel so we didn’t know what to do because we weren’t really prepared, but I’m glad they protected me.” He added the woman and her husband are afraid to return to the area.

The NBC4 I-Team also posted a more detailed account of the attack early Friday morning. The video in the article starts in the parking lot, with one of the two defendants saying the woman was “troubled,” and that the men “fucked her in [her] mouth.” They then walk up to the woman and Nicholson can be seen in the foreground pulling out what appears to be a “sex toy” from her mouth - which was actually an egg from a nearby window. Two of the men then pull her hair and move her towards a nearby building. Then one of Nicholson’s associates moves his hand behind the back of the woman and the two groups pull her into the street, where he begins to assault her. (The footage from the car shows the woman having trouble opening her door and attempting to get away from her assailant. He says several times to her, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” The woman tries to push the door closed, before a man rushes in to intervene.)

I’ve read reports that Nicholson was involved in two fights in the past two or three weeks or so. When a man in a red and white shirt and matching suit was involved in a fight with a man in a light blue shirt and matching suit that had been walking in the parking lot, and the confrontation ended with the man with the light skinned shirt pointing a gun at Miller’s face, it may be worth noting the man in the light blue shirt was identified as an associate of Nicholson. The black suit was the description given to KTVI by the woman who claimed to be his passenger in the Starbucks incident. The man in the red and white shirt was also mentioned by the woman as being involved in the Starbucks incident. What this doesn’t say is that there’s any connection between who the two men were and the incident in the parking lot.

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