The Browns fans were in a smaller group, and were mostly there for some preseason activities, not to celebrate or to cheer.

I went to Cleveland for the second straight year, had lunch with a couple Bills fans who I had never met before, and talked about all things Bills and Bills football. I met a bunch of Bills fans in Cleveland who were also the least excited I have ever laid eyes on Bills fans.

We had 2 different groups on a Saturday. The Bills fans was mostly in a group which was full of Browns fans. After walking around they all headed straight towards Bills Park. The crowd was absolutely enormous. I have never been in a stadium where so many people are willing to come to support the team if he can’t attend the game. It was the loudest crowd I have ever witnessed at a Bills home game. The Browns fans were in a smaller group, and were mostly there for some preseason activities, not to celebrate or to cheer. I met none who are Browns fans.

I talked with a Bills fan about why Bills football is so good and unique. She said that that same year they won it all, and they were all in the stands at the Metrodome in front of 60,000 people and didn’t know if they would be playing in the Superbowl. All day long the city was full of Buffalo fans. “It’s a great league. But we don’t have a good team. We need you to be a booster like we are.”

I mentioned to a Bills fan in Ohio that, “I feel your pain.” My response: “You are wrong.” I don’t know how many times I have used my Twitter account to “tell the Browns what a great football team you are.” I have used it just as a means of “spreading the torch and inspiring the youth of today.” That makes it worse. I hope that people stop doing exactly what I and many other “browns” do. Instead they should use their time to spread the “hatred” of the Bills. I am not going to try and defend a man I don’t even know on the internet who I would argue was a bad man. But at least he had a good defense for his heinous crime he got a pass and got to move on. As a fan you are not supposed to do that. If you want to feel the same way, then let’s just get along, and then get back together when all this is over. Maybe we can write a book together.

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