It's not just the loss of memory dementia usually starts with symptoms of depression a mentalhealth issue or anxiety physicalemotional.

It’s not just the loss of memory - dementia usually starts with symptoms of depression (a mental-health issue) or anxiety (physical/emotional). A lot of people never even know they have it.

And not all Alzheimer’s symptoms are from the brain. Some of them can be from the blood. That’s why there’s no one disease. The way you think, how you feel, and how you look can be affected by the way your blood is running at the moment of you fall, or the type of blood you have.

In some people, there’s an imbalance of red and white hemoglobin. That results in reduced production of red blood cells. This causes your disease to worsen.

Blood transfusions can help, as long as the person with the disease does the right thing. “If your blood is very full and has red blood cells, if you have a liver failure, anemia, you may want to donate your blood,” says Dr. Ellie. But for a lot of people, a simple blood transfusion can’t do the trick. The problem is, there isn’t much in the human body that isn’t made on a cellular level.

And it is a big problem as more and more of the world's major investors are choosing China because of the new antimoney laundering and counterterrorist financing regulations by the Chinese government. The lake is still operational...I will post some photos if I hear anything about it...I had the chance to go there last year for one of Randy's family vacations here is a quick video of me and wife in the cabin.
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