The transfer was required by a Justice Department regulation because the convicted felon can no longer be in the general public safetyimproving custody of a state or local jail.

One of those children that I am hearing from, is another one who is also very religious and was involved with the samefamilyas our daughter and son-in-law that I have identified and she and her sister were not allowed inside the prison. Their father was in ahigh security prison while theyweresitting inside .

If you are hearing rumors that anyone is being held in a military prison in America then please contact me at [email protected] . A copy of the documentation can be foundat . I hope to eventually have a public announcement posted on this page so to get people’s attention.”

SOURCES : “Child Soldier Recruits: An Investigation Into a Serial Child-Sex Trafficker”, by Robert King, September 2000. King goes on to say: “A well-known former child-soldier of the Ku Klux Klan, convicted of rape and sexual assault in 1998, was transferred to a maximum-security high-tech prison under the supervision of the federal Bureau of Prisons a couple of months ago. The transfer was required by a Justice Department regulation because the convicted felon can no longer be in the general public safety-improving custody of a state or local jail. His parole officer, however, is on the outside, as a result of a long-standing rule that gives governors the right to revoke parole for state prisoners on the basis of the level of their involvement in juvenile crime.

“The convicted child-soldier, a.k.a. Michael Nance, has been in prison since September 1999 after being convicted several times, for rape and sexual assault. … Last month, a team of reporters from the newspaper The Washington Post obtained a copy of Nance’s case file, which includes a long, detailed dossier on Nance’s background. It provides a detailed account of a dangerous, violent criminal, who served in the Ku Klux Klan and was re-enlisting at the time he was arrested. The report also gives details of Nance’s time in a California prison and prison guard positions, his alleged involvement in drug smuggling, and his incarceration at an Oklahoma detention center, along with his later transfer to Fort Leavenworth, Kan., for federal drug crimes during which he was a member of the National Junior Ranger and Scout Associations and received his military wings.

“Nance is the first and only convicted sex offender who was a member of the White Aryan Resistance (Warnings: You Don’t Want to Know). The organization, which espoused white supremacy and racial separatism, also called for the killing of whites while protesting the Vietnam War. Nance’s past has not been fully publicized and he is serving a 55-year prison sentence for his first conviction. The document is part of a large file with classified entries on other serial child-soldiers. The W.A.R. files indicate Nance was associated with more than 200 white, European-American and Mexican-American child-soldiers during the mid-1980s, when he was a member of the group. [T]he number of child-soldiers in general, rather than just Nance is in a significant minority. [S]he was the most famous of the white-supremacist groups and also one of the youngest and most talented. Nance left prison in 1982, at age 24, and began his federal life almost immediately with a five-year period at a federal prison in South Dakota before his release in 1989. He is now 55. … He left prison with an early appreciation of the importance of white supremacist life and a new sense of purpose. His prison career coincided well with a new anti-racist tradition that began with the creation in 1988 of the National Youth Front, which is a network of self-styled “revolutionary youth.” … Nance became affiliated with the NYF about a year after it was founded, as a member of a local chapter. The organization was originally set up to promote racial unity and a healthy sense of community within white youth in the Midwest. But the organization also took on elements of white separatism and a more violent element, and in the same year Nance joined the W.A.R. and became one of its first and most prominent members. … He came to serve as NYF ‘guru’ in early 1991, when he was promoted to the position of president and the group’s public face. Since then, the group has expanded beyond its original boundaries.

“As the W.A.R. rose into prominence, it also became involved with more extreme criminal groups including the Ku Klux Klan, the neo-Nazis and the Christian Identity movement, but the group’s most important connection with white supremacist criminal groups was through the racist Christian Identity movement. Although

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