The Raiders added a lot of veterans to their roster with many of them returning players of previous teams like the Redskins, Jaguars, Bucs, and Lions.

These are the new cuts, not the cuts the team made after the last cut. And by the same reasoning, here are all the names listed at the top of the list.

In the bottom half of the list is the team that made the biggest jump of all this offseason. The Broncos have gone from the 3rd best overall team right up to the 4th best overall team and back. So many of their moves were based on the success of the 2014 season to now the 2015 season. We find their only loss was lost at the quarterback position. The Broncos needed a signal caller to lead them through a tough 2014 season and their guy came in from Seattle. Also, because of the cap room they have, they added veteran running backs to the line of scrimmage and got their running back competition rolling. They have made the playoffs each of the last seven seasons but will not get any more than that in the Super Bowl.

The Falcons went to the Super Bowl the past two years and have a roster that is very comparable to the Patriots in the way most of their players would be compared to the Texans quarterback. So, they decided to take a back to the future approach by re-signing a future Hall of Famer and making sure that future Hall of Famers return with more success. For most, they won’t see the success the Patriots had in recent years. For those that do, they just might return to the Super Bowl with the same level of success.

The Steelers have a very young team that has been winning. Their roster is young, their free agents are young and their cap situation is not as restrictive. They have used these same moves to add depth at many positions and add veteran help. And, they have added a lot of wins to their roster with the most recent being two NFL Championships.

The Falcons are the most polarizing team so far this offseason. Not only were they the only team to make as many as three changes to their roster, but they also made significant additions along their front line. But, most were of the “if they don’t get in the playoffs” variety as their 2013 playoff run ended in disappointing fashion. So, they added some additional depth in the secondary and took a shot at adding an extra starting quarterback. The addition of this veteran quarterback with the injury to the team’s one quarterback, Matt Ryan, also helped the Falcons add depth to a unit that had never really had it.

The Raiders added a lot of veterans to their roster with many of them returning players of previous teams like the Redskins, Jaguars, Bucs, and Lions. Most notable were the additions of Jared Veldheer, Jordan Shipley, Darren McFadden and Darren McFadden II. They added depth to their line and to the offensive line, which has never really been the strength of the team.

Even though the Chargers have a young roster and a few significant signings, they will still have to struggle to get into the playoffs this year. San Diego signed a young tight end, a veteran running back, a quality backup quarterback and another quarterback who still has plenty of development to do. If all three of these players can play above their current level, the Chargers defense will be a force to reckoned with.

The Rams may have the most interesting new addition of the entire league. Although they were the only team from the NFC North to make an entire class of cuts, they brought back many of their players from those teams and added a top quarterback prospect. The Rams will also not only have a new quarterback, but a new running back along with their starting offensive line. A lot will depend on the development of the new quarterback and running back.

Even though the Panthers made several changes in their team, they have a top tier coaching staff with a first round pick in the draft in the 2013 draft. Also, they will probably have the same number of wins for the first time that they have had since 2010. Carolina has also added most of their defensive players from previous teams.

The Patriots took this direction but they also lost a lot of quality players and depth. And, they have done the same thing with their free agents. All of these moves hurt the depth on their roster and some of the new players they have added were released from previous teams.

The Jets will have all of the same mistakes that the Patriots made with their teams in the first four or five years. So, they look to the future and they don’t quite have the same depth that makes teams like the Packers, Eagles, and Browns so good. But, they have made their moves to fill the holes right now. The Jets used this same strategy in 2009 the first year they made several substantial moves. They added Pro Bowl defensive end Leonard Williams and another Pro Bowl defensive end. They also added Pro Bowl offensive lineman D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Pro Bowl outside linebacker David

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