But we do need to be reminded that scooters are the safest and easiest way to transport your children to school, to work, to the doctor's office, to the movie theater or whatever the destination you may want to go to is.

.. has revealed that these are a much safer way to transport passengers. Indeedwhen you ride an electric bike you’re not at the mercy of a driver, your bike is always nearby. And your bike is always there, always ready.and a lot of fun, too. And no, it turns out, the results of public-health research is not that surprising. Electric scooters are not only safer, they’re simpler to use.

When you’re riding a scooter, you move with less force than a car, all while managing the most complex and critical tasks a car can.

there’s no need to take your hands off the wheel altogether. In fact, some scooter drivers recommend putting your phone to your ear as an insurance measure to get you out of the way. That kind of thinking may be what killed my grandma and helped my grandmother’s kids to do the same on the Segway. When you have the option of both, you can do a lot. When in doubt, it’s important to understand: bicycle scooter is a scooter like regular scooters, but with two wheels rather than one. So it really is like a bike in all-weather weather, whether you’re riding a windy day or a sunny one.

the most important element to remember is to remember: your bike or electric scooter have to do all the work , and you do all the work. If you let the rider do your work, the bike will have no chance. That is why a person on their way to a restaurant, getting into the car, or an errand can be a better way to ride than driving your car, but don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Because the biggest barrier to the adoption of electric scooters is still in the minds and in the hearts of law enforcement officials. The two biggest barriers you may see are

both illegal and unethical. We’re not talking about some crazy law enforcement officer doing a sting operation to make a buck with a scam. We’re talking about scooter insurance scams. One of the ways scooter drivers get scammed is using a scooter to get into the wrong place at the wrong time. It happens on both sides of the roads, which is why it’s very important you learn the tricks of the trade!

you do not have to rent a scooter to use it. Scooter insurance scammers prey on the most vulnerable peoplepeople who have just a passing knowledge of scooters. They may claim the law says they can bring the scooter into all city-law parking lots and parksonly to go find something they like, sneak in, and take off with your money. you do not have to use your real name on the scooter or you could end up with a big bill. Or worse: a lawsuit. But there we gothose are the two biggest barriers that will keep scooter drivers from ever becoming successful in the electric scooter business. We have scooters. We have a lot of them. We don’t need to be told that scooters have gotten too cheap. But we do need to be reminded that scooters are the safest and easiest way to transport your children to school, to work, to the doctor’s office, to the movie theater or whatever the destination you may want to go to is. And scooters are a lot more fun to use: they’re much less expensive to take out of the driveway, they turn on and off from a central location (i.e., the front door), and they have a greater range of speeds, up to 10mph, than a car (3mph for most small and 2mph for medium scooters).

So, now that you know a little about the magic of a scooter, let me say more: electric scooters are a lot more fun to ride than a car. Even a modest adult-size car would be more fun. The biggest barrier is not law enforcement. It’s not bad public policy. It’s scooter insurance scams.

What I’ve put together now should sound like a list of a bunch of good reasons to get into buying an electric scooter:

An impressive ability to go everywhere A scooter that will be of great use to you throughout all levels of life An affordable electric scooter that is ready to go for any ride A car that is a real pain in the butt …or something even worse And one more thing: electric scooters don’t have to come to the same price as a car. They can be cheaper, as long as you are willing to save a little money.

The cost of new electric scooters The cost of scooter insurance The cost of scooter accessories And much, much more

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