We sat in the back seat with our bags on, had a few drinks we picked up in the market, and just enjoyed Seattle until the cab moved into a spot it was comfortable in.

I may not get the chance to post it in this blog until the fall, but after our last trip to Seattle, I thought it was time to get back to the blog from time to time because the weather is going to be really hot and humid in late September. So far our trip has been smooth, and we got a good feel for all the different places we ended up going and how it would be different and similar. We stayed overnight in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest town of Ballard which is a fun little town on the ocean, right across from Ballard pier. Our first stop was to go visit the Ballard Farmers Market, not my idea of a good idea, but we had no time so we did it anyway. It was pretty fun to see all different farmers with their different farm products and I’ve noticed that a lot of times people do see me at the farmers market, but I really don’t see people coming in with their kids really trying to sell them their food. After the farmers market we all went to the Cask Works on top of Pike Place market. It seems like a lot of people that run around Pike Place Market are also farmers. And I’ve also noticed that people there are selling their goods into downtown, but to me these don’t seem very different or interesting. They are kind of a lot like the farmers markets we used to get at the end of college and in the beginning of graduate school. So, Pike Place market was one of the coolest things we tried this trip with, and after this amazing trip we were looking forward to the upcoming trip. So, we went up to Seattle and took a cab back. We sat in the back seat with our bags on, had a few drinks we picked up in the market, and just enjoyed Seattle until the cab moved into a spot it was comfortable in. And then I woke up this morning to my husband having an allergic reaction to the first few drops. So now we’ve gotten back to the business we were doing earlier.

The good news is, I feel pretty good. I don’t know how we would feel if we could all get into the same bed and that didn’t happen.

I’m not crazy about the temperature in Seattle. It was right around 70 F during the night which is kind of cool, but when I have it all together, it starts getting uncomfortable. I wish I had better things to do, so I can enjoy the weather a little bit more, or just to throw on my favorite sweater and get a nice cool bath with it if need be.

The first thing we needed to do was to head to the Best Buy, and before we got back to Pike Place I did something I had really just done on last trip and I almost didn’t do it. As I was getting ready to get in the cab and head for Best Buy we realized that we need to pack up all the stuff we had been carrying into the car. We had a few bags that fit into our cars and we were all getting pretty excited when we got there to find all the packing done. And then, if we were lucky, there isn’t much to carry as we left the store.

Here we are, in the Best Buy back lot. It looks kind of dark, but we were pretty excited about going there. It took ages, but things started to look decent when we pulled up beside the building. There were a few more things we needed to try out that night. Anyway, we pulled up beside the building and stood on the side of the building to wait on the line for the employees waiting there. We looked around for like 15 minutes waiting in line for what must be like 5 minutes, but finally the waiting was over and we headed down to the back area to walk around and check out the other places around Pike Place Market. We visited the Little Shop of Art on 15th street, talked to the guy working there about some interesting art he’d seen, and we bought a coffee at the Mango Shop. We went with the Mango shop because we were a little weirded out about the Mango shop on Pike Place because they don’t make Mango flavored coffees. I also thought maybe I wasn’t weird enough about that and wanted to try and be kind of unique and different.

I have to admitwe were really turned off by the Mango shop and the kind of art on the wall in between. We took a little more time exploring around Pike Place, going and checking out all the different houses and neighborhoods around there and picking the one with the least amount of people in it. I was a little too nervous to even enter one neighborhood, let alone the other. After some exploring around Pike Place we ended up heading back to the Best Buy, thinking that we would head home later that day

The characters, plot lines, and world building have been extremely popular with fans and at the end of the movie box office check in the same way they have with all of the previous franchises they have watched. I think you'd be hardpressed to find a single person in the stadium who was really happy with the team's performance last year, and as much as people dislike to admit it, it actually probably wasn't great.
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