Those who recovered have been able to work hard for many years after they go to rehab or another facility... Their memories are good and they are strong.

Legionella can grow into Legionnaires disease, which can then cause pneumonia and even death.. As of now all but one have recovered. The three others have been hospitalized and some have yet to recover… Five have died from it. None of the families has been identified, because the four were all in their 80’s and 90’s. One of the three was a former school counselor, and all of them had very positive memories of their time at Kane County. All were never sick before the outbreak, and all of them were in great health during that time. A person with Legionnaires’ disease, or a person who visits an un-insulated home, will produce the spores of Legionella in the water they use for drinking, cooking, and cleaning the home. The spores in the water often remain in the homes for several weeks… In the most recent outbreak, when the water came in contact with the outside water supply, the fungus was present for over two weeks.

The disease is extremely contagious and does not spread among people who were not drinking or cooking with the water. For these reasons, the illness tends to persist for a period of more than a week. After the initial symptoms subsided, the survivors were still contagious… This is why people are not contagious with their own bodies when they get sick. What happens is that the infected person’s immune system attacks their body’s own T-cells and causes an immune response in their lungs. The lungs are not supposed to attack their own cells, but they do, and they become inflamed and infected. This is called bronchiolitis obliterans, and the disease can be fatal.

The disease occurs when Legionella bacteria, a bacteria that normally lives on and inside the lungs, get into the water at a home or in an area where it has an affinity for water. The bacteria grow and multiply quickly in the water… They spread rapidly over time inside and outside the home. This is how many of those infected were able to survive before making it to the emergency room. Those who recovered have been able to work hard for many years after they go to rehab or another facility… Their memories are good and they are strong.

According to a local man who got involved and is fighting for us, these people have no idea that there is another type of Legionella bacteria, which is known as Legionella septicaemia, that can be very dangerous to those that come in contact with it. The pathogenic bacteria are bacteria that are able to spread like the bacteria in the water. There are two types of septicaemia known. One is found naturally in the body, and the other is more commonly found in very weakened people… They are called bacteriologic organisms, bacteriophage or phages, and they are very dangerous… To give you an idea of how deadly they are, the phages are able to make large numbers of bacteria. When their numbers become large enough, they can cause severe disease in the person who gets infected with the bacteriologic organism.. The organism normally lives in the same tissue that the body uses for immunology, the immune system, and the body’s natural bacteria defense system to fight off disease.

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