You should be able to take it out with no problem, but make sure you have the highest level and firepower you can find, since you're the only one that can enter the facility, and you know most of the doors.

The first step, after asuccessfulheist, is to take your time, explore the facility and talk to every security guard. Most work in pairs or work alone but will take advantage of this information to find you. After a lot of searching they will tell you to enter the facility. Once inside, you’ll need to get past two guards and two robots. These robots will both attack and will need to be destroyed. After you kill them, you’ll be taken to your room for a brief interview and security check. Next you’ll need to enter the safe room where there’s an ID card. And there are two boxes over their heads. The first box contains cash, the second contains your weapons and other equipment. That last box is where you might look for a gun since you can’t go near firearms. There is also a small table in front of the safe room. It should have boxes out and in the floor, ready for the day’s work.

For the next step, go into the next room. There are several robots and the security guard will tell you to go down to the locker for your weapon. Don’t go near it, especially not the box in the floor that looks like it might have a weapon. Instead take a look at the small table. Look at the guns there and note that each gun is equipped with scope. These guns must be checked after they are obtained at a price of 750mils. After they are opened the guard will instruct you to reload your gun. When you get to the last safe room there’s a ladder and several more robots and the guard will tell you to go down the ladder to the next room.

This room is the most secure room in the facility and you’ll have to leave this one and go to the next. When you get to the bottom of the ladder go through the door and you’ll be in the main elevator. There’s a terminal there that you need to use to unlock the computer. It takes about 20mils to unlock the computer and once you unlock it go to the next room. Once you’re in this room you need to unlock two consoles with different password. Just enter one password and you should be able to access the information on the computer there. Once you have the power running go through the door and look down the corridor. This will also take you to the next room. When you get down to the ground level there’s a door you need to go through. When you get outside the security robots follow this, and you’ll have to fight a couple of them. If you kill a robot it will drop your weapon and also its ID code, so you might need to look at the weapons in the room for ID. Once you kill the last robot you’ll see two boxes on a floor. These boxes hold the two guns you need. You should check all of them; use the computer and check them for ID. If you have both of them it should unlock the rest of the computer and unlock another gate that leads outside. You need to continue until you reach the gate for the third floor. Make your way down the corridor by entering the two doors you see. When you get to the third floor go into the computer area to activate the door leading outside. When you get to the top go through the door and you’ll get to fight your last battle. You really shouldn’t be trying to take this in your first raid, but if you really want to this will be your most difficult raid in a while. You should be able to take it out with no problem, but make sure you have the highest level and firepower you can find, since you’re the only one that can enter the facility, and you know most of the doors.

Now that you have the information from the security guard you can get ready to get you guns. You can get a gun from the locker (10,000mils) or from the ID card (250mils). In the locker you get to choose between a laser and a shotgun. If you choose the shotgun it won’t matter what your stats are, the gun will be automatically selected. Lasers are better if you have a high melee and fire rate and have a good shotgun, but it’s really all about the stats. The laser is more powerful but also a little expensive if your stats are below level 30. A high fire rate with good melee and ranged would be perfect. The shotgun is also the most effective at long range since you can fire all three shots in one go, one at a time for a lot of damage. The only reason to use the handgun

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