The big question is whether a Trump administration will push on with a hard line on China, or will continue to put off tough decisions, says Michael Smith, Chief Economist at BMO Capital Markets.

After the stock market hit new record highs last week, the stock futures fellin a major index of the world’s leading industrial banks. “The big question is whether a Trump administration will push on with a hard line on China, or will continue to put off tough decisions,” says Michael Smith, Chief Economist at BMO Capital Markets. “There’s uncertainty on a number of topics, but one that stands out is a China trade war. The markets weren’t waiting until Labor Day, with investors’ nerves clearly heightened after Trump’s comments on North Korea. But there do not appear to be any immediate signs of a trade war just yet,” adds Smith.

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This is a great article. I have been thinking about all of the posturing that the blacks have been doing by saying that they are in the same boat as the whites. I remember when I first came out I have been reading the newspapers and talking to certain friends. They say black folks make the same stupid decisions about the issues. Is this true? Do black folks make stupid decisions on anything at all? I was only listening to the radio and listening to some of the talk shows. A couple weeks ago I was watching some TV which showed pictures on the screen of black women who were having some babies. I have seen some of these pictures over many years and always wondered how these women make the decisions they are doing. I was wondering, why did she have to say that blacks shouldn’t have babies because of the crime rate, because she didn’t want to say that blacks are still doing worse than themselves in a different regard. If I knew the reasons I would answer differently. I also remember back in the day, when the news broke of many black women doing abortions, or making more money than they ever had. Is that true today? I read an article on the internet that a lot of these black women are going to their children so that they never have another child. I believe that if they were to get pregnant today that the child they are having will be a great disappointment to them. I read an article and saw some pictures and people saying that black women are not responsible for their own existence. What is wrong with black women? What would they do if blacks made different decisions and got pregnant? And yes I believe these issues are true. I would like a white, middle class adult with a middle class job, to listen to it. October 11, 2018 at 6:15 AM

Anonymous said…

This really makes me angry at the black world. They are the ones that pay a huge income tax, work harder and do things that should be reserved for the rich. They do not believe that they should be responsible for their own lives, but are just going around to their friends and getting married to those that can afford to raise them. It is what it is. If they don’t want to be a part of society in any sense, then they are not the ones for us to have our children with, because if we do, that whole system is going to collapse. October 11, 2018 at 6:16 AM

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Anonymous said…

To those who are calling in about how the media always portrays white America as the most racist population, I would have to say that white America was the most tolerant. You still find people like Dr. King marching in MLK day parades around the country, people like the late, great George Wallace, etc. I have never seen any kind of racist behavior directed towards a black person in this country. To the OP, it is about time that we start seeing our children not walking around on our streets, but are instead in foster homes. October 11, 2018 at 6:18 AM

Anonymous said…

For the last 16 years the US has been in the race to destroy the rest of the world. The destruction has been caused by both politicians and the media. The only real way we can eliminate the threat of a Trump Presidency for many, many decades, is to get rid of them. We need no more politicians to push “the agenda”. We need them to get off that agenda and begin to create a plan. If we didn’t, we would continue to have war after war and the rest of the world would continue to decline. If we did not get them off the throne of chaos and fear, they would return with an even greater challenge. Their current strategy is to continually sabotage our economy in ways that will make an already deteriorating situation even worse. Because the economic structure has been corrupted, there is no political will in America for change. There is no hope left. We cannot wait any longer. We need to put the pressure on as much as we can. I see a lot of white leftists, liberals, anti-war types and some more that do not understand that the US has a race problem. The fact is that our economy is very dependent upon foreign oil, and in the case of Mexico, it is now the top export

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