In closing Do your budget a day at a time, don't obsess over it, remember it isn't working.

Don’t start with a budget, don’t do a budget exercise, go out and do your own stuff. “Here’s my budget, do what I say and don’t worry about what you have to write down for your check-book.” is the most annoying thing I’ve heard ever but so is making a budget.

Also… don’t run anywhere at night, only run when you can do it without the noise of running. I do it all the time, I’m not embarrassed, of course and I know the way I am. People don’t usually understand this and it frustrates me to no end.

This is a guide for a single person to follow and to try to keep track of. If you set it up as your personal check-book, you’ll see what steps you need to take to live a life that is not self destructive.

I will not bore you by telling you everything that you need to do to make a budget go. I do want to leave some tips, my advice is to just work out what you need to do on the fly and see what you can do through trial and error. It’s always a good approach to start with the simple things first, to add as you go along. Don’t get hung up on how much you have. That is not where you should be spending your time and energy. It is possible that you could spend more if you just did what you do naturally. Make sure that your money does not outlive your use. Don’t over spend. No more than $10,000 of your time should be wasted on getting yourself into a budget. This rule has to apply to absolutely everything. If it is important to you, make sure that you are getting the most out of what you have. Keep track of it, keep track of your costs and if you need help then make sure that you get to your counselor first. Just as important as your budget, is your time… not spending more…more than what you need to spend. Don’t be an idiot and spend your time as if you were on purpose.Here’s what I’m saying about your time. When you have time, you can always go out and do something to keep you busy. Your time is worth more than any amount of money you could spend from your pocket.. Your job is a full time job. There are people more talented than you. If you keep wasting your time on it then perhaps it is time to throw the ladder away and buy a motorcycle. Your life is full of ups and downs. A little struggle here and there will keep you going for that long. The best way to learn how to overcome this is to get in a routine of it. It can work for you and maybe you can get a few things into your routine that will change your life.

In closing: Do your budget a day at a time, don’t obsess over it, remember it isn’t working. Try it once, set a goal and see how many steps you get through the first day. If it doesn’t work, try again. If it does work, your budget is doing its job nicely.

I do believe in you and I have been there in my own life. I know that in time, everything will work out.

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