And I wrote some random stuff in my head about what I thought an average person would think when they read this, and it worked fine with the characters, and with the world.

You can’t do this stuff while reading. In the end, I got tired of it. I knew that one day, I’d get bored, or that the author would abandon the story, or that I would change my mind and move on. So, every time I’d start thinking about how to write my own version of the story, I’d just end up writing something different. I tried to think “what would an author think?” And I thought, if an author can’t actually do this, what does the audience want in the form of a story? And I wrote some random stuff in my head about what I thought an average person would think when they read this, and it worked fine with the characters, and with the world. I think it was around the time I was writing this that I thought “well, maybe I can get this done this way. I’m sure the author wouldn’t mind. Just give me some money, and I’ll make another book out of it.”

I’d like to think I was successful. The only way to be sure is to read some. As I have gotten better at reading fiction, I’ve always wanted things like this, but I never got around reading any of them. You can read it in a few sentences, but as long as it’s a few sentences the reader can probably understand what the story is about, and find it very entertaining. I’ve given it a few tries. Once, to prove there wasn’t a bad version, I wrote a short story that had a man who stole all the food from a church cafeteria to eat on the street. And that’s when I thought I was going to get a response from someone writing to them. And it really didn’t. Maybe because it was a story where the main subject was eating food and how he was going to get the food back? I tried to see if it worked like I thought, and found out that a lot of people who would read it couldn’t imagine it to do a thing that any actual human being would do. Which is why I wanted to be sure that I could do this version without having to put forth any effort or money to learn how to write to that level. I knew even then, and still know, that if I had just done this, I would never have reached that level because I didn’t have enough of an audience. And if I went on to write my own versions, I’d find out that I liked them better.

Then I read Dune, a novel I’ve read four times now. I found, surprisingly, that even though it made me frustrated at how difficult this genre is to write, I was still able to get something out of it. To start with, I found it had a unique world - I was completely unprepared! I was actually a huge Dune fan, but it’s not as if I’d ever actually been to the planet of Irian, and even I was pretty confused when the authors gave to me a version in which the reader spent two months studying the planet and what it was so that they could figure out what was going on there. I’m going to guess this was because the author had to have had the ability to come up with the concept of these two months of studying, but since they never bothered to come up with a compelling reason for that, I’m guessing that they just chose some other idea. Either way, I really enjoyed this book. I had to get myself through a lot of the story. But I had to have the same frustration on my nerves, knowing that I couldn’t actually say this to the world, not even by writing. I also have a pretty good memory, and it showed when I wrote about Dune. Since I really enjoyed the book, I felt like I was somehow making the best version of the story I could, after not even making it a couple of attempts at this level.

It’s pretty hard for me to get through the whole of a novel, and I had to do it with two different books, one of which was a paperback. But it was enough to make me feel, despite myself, that it was a worthy effort. I think what makes this work is its consistency. The story, regardless of which version you read, is all very consistent - so consistent, in fact, that you don’t need to understand the whole language to just follow the progression of the story. Once you understand this, you can just jump and move left, right, up, down, and through this universe. I don’t want to say this happens all the time, but it does, and if you read this for some reason, then hopefully just for the sake of being

The comet was a good ten times heavier than a typical moon, too, so even though the impactor wasn't that high, it still created a lot of energy, including heat. Some of the more senior and respected members in the department would typically work evenings and weekends, and there was no time off for sick leave or other issues that the UTSU had to deal with.
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