It wouldn't be long before Bungie tried this and had players dying in raids by playing gear that changed the firing action, instead of their base weapon that they start with.

Is it fair that some players were able to get better gear via mods while other players failed?. What should we make of this, and where are we headed from here? I thought that there were many great Destiny 2 posts out there, so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts in the hopes that they will help players understand what’s going on for them. Let’s start by speaking about the changes that will be going live with the launch of Destiny 2.

The Destiny 1 Gear changes

The first part of the overhaul will have a much more visible effect to players, whereas I suspect it will take some time to see what the fallout is. I’m sure there will be some debate that the changes are bad and that they are a violation of the community’s community trust, so let’s look at them.

First, with the big change for players and Bungie, players will get an in-game gear upgrade button - a button where players can change the type of armor or weapon that they are wearing as well as a tool that will allow them to unlock and upgrade existing gear in Raids. Players will be able to change their loadouts from other players around the world the game’s default outfit will be pre-designed for them for raid. They will also be able to do this if they are playing with their friends again.

Second, for characters that have not seen the Light of the Traveler yet (that’s all you get for level 16), the base armor set that players can take with them into raids will be the one that they start in. So the base armor will be made the same as the gear that you get at level 16. This is a really dumb idea: It essentially gives players more character customization options than they had since Destiny 1, while reducing the impact a lot of players would expect in the Destiny 2 gameplay. For example, just one weapon mod can increase the firepower of gun that it was made for, not the ammunition required just to fire it. It wouldn’t be long before Bungie tried this and had players “dying” in raids by playing gear that changed the firing action, instead of their base “weapon” that they start with.

Third, with all the “expansions” coming to Destiny 2 there will be plenty of potential characters with high level gear that will now be limited to certain levels, because the new raid armor pieces are already limited in level. The changes in the above picture means that players can only be at level 16 or 21 for the purposes of a normal Raid, and even the new Raid armor pieces at level 16 won’t have any effects on the level 21 gear, but we really still don’t know yet what that will be able to do. There will of course be plenty of reasons for people to level up on the Raid, but even a level 16 player could probably have difficulty getting to level 21 because level 17 gear has no effect on the Raid armor that you can get there.

The next step is the in-game interface for obtaining and upgrading. In the image above, you can see two items that show you all of the things that can unlock and upgrade your gear on a character. The most visible is the “Gems” section, which shows you how much currency you have left. In the image above, you can see that I’m only one block away from my level 13 gear for the first time, which means that I was able to farm the level 13 gear before Destiny 2 launched in order to get even higher levels. What about the ability to reset your level using the currency in your inventory?

Fourth, the “Replace” buttons will provide a means for players with both a “Reset” character and a “Upgrade” character, which is where I am. As you can see, both of us can do this through our inventory when switching between our characters. For the non-rebuild character, you won’t have to unlock and equip all of the gear that you want to keep, and will instead be able to upgrade the gear that you have and take a look at it, but for the rebuild character, there is nothing that makes you more powerful than what you now have. It will be slightly weird, but you’ll be able to do it if you want.

Fifth, you’ll be able to find out what a “Character Slot” is for players. Unlike previous expansions that were “character slots,” Destiny 2 will have a single character slot that is unlocked for your character. This also means that players can continue to unlock/equip character slots even when they are leveling up.

For all the above reasons, the first change with the new game is that there is a huge amount of level 18 or lower gear that is currently limited to Raids, in addition to the level 18 gear from other players with a level 18 character. That is, a good amount of level 18 non-raid (that is, non-raid content with non-heroic gear) content still exists and, so far

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