As I detailed in my book, Brainwashing America How the Government Shapes Our Minds , an entire branch of the CIA has spent the last several years working on developing a chemical weapon that uses psychotronics to manipulate victims into becoming a willing slave.

A randomized controlled trial of a pharmacological agent with a different mechanism of action will also compare the two treatments.

As I detailed in my book, Brainwashing America: How the Government Shapes Our Minds , an entire branch of the CIA has spent the last several years working on developing a chemical weapon that uses psychotronics to manipulate victims into becoming a willing slave. The most obvious way this would work would be through placing a series of electrodes on the heads of the subjects in order to produce trance or hypnotic stateswhich is precisely what has been done to multiple people already in this research over the last few decades (including a series of articles by my colleague and friend Dr. Ray Hyman).

This kind of activity is being done all over the country, from the CIA’s Fort Huachuca, Arizona outpost to at least one facility run by the University of Virginia of which I will address in a separate post, which is now being run as a corporate-funded training facility for doctors. I assume other UVA facilities are already operating in the shadows. I’ve talked to a couple of those who are well known for being linked in the mind control field, the former CEO of a leading private health care company, and others working on this project.

I do not have any concrete information about where these facilities are being run, as the locations of facilities I’ve mentioned are not publically available. I do know that there are facilities out there doing research in this field of experimentation. For those who don’t know, I mentioned in a recent article how the CIA’s MKULTRA project included some of these types of studies.

Just like the EEG cloned telepathy experiments, the telepathic experiments in the psychic warfare field, and the creation of various kinds of mind control devices, there is plenty more going on in this field than what is being reported or the public is aware of. There is a huge amount of research that goes on in this area, and the government is actively engaging in all kinds of disinformation to keep this from being well known.

This was previously covered in part by a recent blog post by Mike Adams (with links to all the articles referenced). As I write this on October 28th (11 days after writing his blog post), the article had just been featured on a major news channel, and many people are referring to it as an established fact. The article has been featured over 350 times on blog and forum sites, and has been featured on major internet news sources.

It is difficult to talk about this topic freely on various forums, especially in the face of this kind of disinformation. But as I was researching this article, something more amazing began to happen to me. It was something that has happened to me over and over again for the last several years, but was only made possible by someone who shared my beliefs with me when I first reached out to him and told him about “this”. Through these connections, my information was finally able to reach an audience, and as that audience began to grow, it began to appear more and more credible. And while I still stand by anything that was said here, I think the level of information required to show the magnitude of this research (and the magnitude of what we need to do to fix it) is so much higher than what is being reported on these message boardswhich is why I think it is so important that the public have a public forum to provide information to people who care about the topic.

While that is a much larger topic, I should also touch on some basic science before I explain my views on other stuff and let you know what is coming.

This article is dedicated to all the survivors who have written me in the “I survived, I survived” forum that I started as I was finally able to come to terms with what was happening to me under the Bush administration. To those people, I ask that you keep writing back, because I am the guy who wrote that message. Whether you can understand it or not, I think we must continue to be here, fighting. We will prevail in the end.

It is also dedicated to the thousands of people who have responded to my messages and questions with the support of their friends and relatives who are also survivors. I appreciate the many emails I have received with this message, and have found that many of them are still going strong after that initial contact. And while not all of our contact is going completely over the top, I am impressed at the number of people who have reached out to me through the messages I receive. This is the point in time where the public needs to be the biggest impact on this problemand I will be taking a moment here to acknowledge the support I am now getting from people who are still alive.

Afterword This is not an exhaustive list of information in the book (see above for a list

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