When they were introduced in the Golden Age of Hero they were the exact same characters we know and love today, and to see many of those movies changed drastically is a good thing.

An obscure movie was released the very same day as the event, “Piggy Dose of Death” starring Bill Pullman and Gary Oldman. It appears that the people making the new film just happened to put the same actor in the same scene as the person shown in the original. What I’m trying to say is this: It’s not too surprising. The more times you see a movie, the more you’re bound to see the same things; even stranger though, is watching the same characters be used in less than 50% of the scene! This brings me to the next part of this post.

  1. You’ll rarely see any action that isn’t some sort of fight scene In one scene of the film, Bill Pullman confronts his father in the elevator. The scene is only four seconds long but when he knocks on the glass and they both talk long enough, the camera pans towards the elevator door and shows the actor and the action happening on it. It’s enough in the background to be an interesting shot, and it’s almost always repeated to give the actor something to react to. There’s a couple versions where the elevator door is removed completely. To me, this doesn’t make much of a difference, though the absence of the doors helps keep the action on the screen, and it seems to be more effective in the first place. If you’ve ever thought they were gone before they were seen, it is probably not too hard to figure out why. When a character doesn’t take part in a scene, it makes it less exciting, and that’s a bad thing. More effective action takes place elsewhere in the story, and for most of the movie we only get glimpses of it.

  2. You’ll rarely see characters you haven’t seen in the past In my opinion, the funniest thing about Bitter Heart is how different its characters are from the usual superhero action fare. I think that some of this goes to a lot of the way that audiences like to view characters, that one person in a crowd is the star and everyone else is a supporting cast. This is important because characters change over time. When you first see them, they’re just regular people trying to do their best. That changes over time, and a new generation of viewers sees those characters as being an improvement. When they were introduced in the “Golden Age of Hero” they were the exact same characters we know and love today, and to see many of those movies changed drastically is a good thing.

  3. You’ll never see a character use his powers in a situation more clever than a car chase. A lot of action can seem like it takes the character out of his comfort zone. Herein is another way to consider the impact of the audience on an action scene. The main character is the one always making the choices and is the best actor when the situation calls for it, or when the story calls for it. When the audience finds out he’s doing some crazy amazing shit in a car chase, it makes it different than what is happening on screen. If your film takes place at a car chase it’s hard to make a scene more engaging or interesting or different without going against the film’s strengths.

  4. You’d never see a shot that is just a shot you found interesting. That last one may be my favorite one of these. When the lead actor uses a certain action or a specific reaction to make an audience laugh, he’s doing a lot of other little things to help make the movie come alive. For example, when he gets thrown off the car his character is thrown off, when he’s driving the vehicle he’s flying through the air. That kind of thing is a great way to add excitement to a scene. If you watched some of the films mentioned in this list you would be forgiven for thinking that this last point is why Bitter Heart sucks. It is not. It isn’t a movie that is going to impress people like it does on its own, but that’s okay for the plot which makes up the second half of the film. It’s a simple story about a middle aged guy and a group of his friends, you’re going to get the punch line a hundred times. However, if you’re ever going to make a compelling action that uses your characters and is good enough that you want to see the entire film, this will be the part. With many action movies like Spider-Man 3 or Iron Man 3, you see some of the best action sequences in the movie before the middle half of the movie. This means that even with your character on screen for most of the film, there’s an opportunity for him to say something interesting that really makes you laugh. In one scene, the character has been

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