The victim, played by Rosario Dawson, is shot in the chest, her heartshaped scar shows, and while the doctor's handling her wounds is quick, he doesn't call hospital until she's already died.

The victim, played by Rosario Dawson, is shot in the chest, her heart-shaped scar shows, and while the doctor’s handling her wounds is quick, he doesn’t call hospital until she’s already died. She was shot in the back in the ‘80s?

You were shooting her in the back in the ‘80s, why is Netflix’s version not an hour more real?

Dawson’s character was not injured in that case; she was actually abducted, assaulted, and raped by a gang of boys. She was not raped in the movie version, and when the movie is seen, her breasts are not even exposed in the original. She dies of heart-related issues because her heart was taken out of her chest. These two things don’t make the same movie, but they make drastically different movies.

One might also point to the fact that in the movie, Dawson’s character dies in the end. “No”, says Dawson, “I was raped and killed in the film. That’s how the story is, and that’s how I lived back then.”

I didn’t know that they went from the beginning to the end and made the sequel with the same story, or that the woman who was kidnapped and raped was a prostitute. But that’s the point: it didn’t matter why Rosario’s character died either in the original film or in the sequel. There was going to be the same story; the same person was going to die for the same reason, and the same person was going to be saved. The difference was about plot. That’s why.

A few other details about Dawson’s character and the incident have become evident in the current season of “13 Reasons Why”. Here’s a partial list for you!

  • Rosario was initially a prostitute. When it comes to the original version of the show, the movie, and the character of Hannah: that’s pretty much it.

  • “Dawson” has been the victim of some violence in the past, at least one physical assault (a bit more on that later). In the original version, her mother killed her for saying that her mother was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. In the film, the mother (played by Shannon Purser) is stabbed when she confronts her about her behavior after her daughter is killed; it is unclear whether he did it out of revenge or fear. “Dawson” claims not to remember whether or not she was abused. In the original version, Dawson’s father calls her a whore because of how much she likes to have sex. The film takes this a bit further by showing how Dawson was raped both times, and the rape scene that leads up to it. The film does not show her actual rape, and it shows the rapist as her best male friend, even though they are not close friends in the original version. This was part of the argument for filming the rape scene in the first place. Shannon Purser is a pretty badass character. No one has done more of her face off. She has been shown brutalized and tortured just because it is interesting, by a person that is not “normal” in any way. This is something that the filmmakers could have just added in for a little more excitement.

  • In the original film, Hannah walks into the bathroom, and the person that attacked her is coming out of the other room… In the current one, Hannah comes out of the bathroom, and the person that attacked her is there. The scene is also shown, the assailant is the same person who raped Dawson’s dad. The only difference in the film is that the intruder doesn’t rape Hannah; he and Dawson are together when they get hurt. That’s it.

  • Rosario’s character was raped a few times, but a victim who survives the rapes is not really saved from her rape. In the original film, Dawson’s character lives and fights back for seven or more hours. She is actually pretty much done for after the second rape. In the current one (in season two), she dies after seven to nine hours of violence. And in the beginning of season three, we learn that the gang of boys who murdered Dawson are connected to another gang of boys who would later rape “the new person that Hannah chose to save”; we learn later that this gang is not even together at the time that she was kidnapped, but instead, they were at the funeral of the original murderer. Shannon Purser, when she was filming her scenes for the first two seasons, was wearing nothing but a bikini, and she was making out with the guy from the first gang of boys at the funeral.

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