And, Trump is expected to address the threat coming from the Muslim nation of Iran, which is about to stage its biggest ever military action, a missile attack on the US capital of Washington DC.

He has spent this visit in Silicon Valley to support the state’s tech industry. The White House did not reply to a request for comment.

The White House has been fighting the Obama administration on the homeless issue for years… He began his first term as president with a goal to end homelessness, but he later rewrote that goal.

The federal government’s goal is to end homelessness by 2020… Trump has made it clear who is going to pay for his promises. According to The Hill, the White House is asking for $8 billion in war funds to complete what is largely a one-time effort, according to a memo obtained by theHuffington Post . The United States, which funds 70% of the federal budget, is funding only 40% of this effort. Additionally, Trump said that he wants to hire 10,000 new government employees, or 15,000 more than requested. In March, the administration called for 13,000 temporary jobs, of which 4,000 would be permanent, and another 3,000 seasonal jobs. The U.S. Public Interest Research Group, an independent group in Washington, estimated that by 2018, Trump’s $5.4 trillion budget request could cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $3.6 trillion, with an added $2.8 trillion for national security. The White House also called for $1.56 billion for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to create more affordable housing.

And, of course, there’s Trump’s new budget that will call for $54 billion for border security. That might sound good, but the new budget will spend $20.4 billion for homeland security and $2.6 billion for border security. In addition, immigration raids will be funded to make sure Americans enter the country legally…. and that’s while we’re being hit with thousands of unaccompanied children and teens who cross into the country on their own, often to try and stay above the poverty line.

That is, until we have a president who has proven himself able to actually pass through the swamp… and he is. By doing so, Trump has exposed a system that we will not support. Instead, he is proving the common sense of a man who, as Vice President, made sure that it was a priority to deal with the immigrant community; and he is making sure that the president is able to actually cut through the bureaucracy to provide relief.

The American people will take note of it.

Now that Trump is in Sacramento, the Democrats are attacking California’s sanctuary policy and this was not on the table while Trump was here for the rally. The White House is also moving forward in trying to block the expansion of the Obamacare health insurance program in California, which would cause it some massive problems because the program is essentially a subsidy for medical treatment for low income Californian residents. We’ve also seen the White House try to pass a bill that would give $1 billion in taxes to California employers - a tax on wages that also comes from federal taxes with the addition of a 5% tax on businesses - which would potentially have a serious impact on the state economy, and California’s jobs.

And, Trump is expected to address the threat coming from the Muslim nation of Iran, which is about to stage its biggest ever military action, a missile attack on the US capital of Washington DC.

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