It is the most luxurious and authentic beer in Britain, according to the Royal Navy website which states that it represents the finest in English brewing and would win medals if anyone were to drink it.

On the first leg of the trip, Viking will complete their journey from St. Johns to Cape Town, South Africa and back to Cape Town by sunset, with the same sunset route taking them back to St. Johns by sunrise. The next leg, beginning on July 28, will depart from Vaduz, Italy, and finish in Vaduz, arriving at Cape Town on October 22. The cruise will be narrated by American entertainer-booker-filmmaker Robert De Niro and will feature the songs that inspired the film, including ‘’We’ve All Got the Blues’’ (played on the ship) and many others. Viking has already raised more than $20,000 in pledge funds and plans to raise more before the ship travels next June. For more information on Viking Cruise and how you can help, click HERE on the Cruise website .

For most of the United States, the idea of cruising doesn’t hold a ton of appeal, but the United Kingdom is different. For the most part, the British would rather eat an egg-salad smoothie or a glass of red wine in advance of a voyage than watch the film on a big screen that night. This was especially true during the era of the Titanic , so British passengers, often young women, would be relegated to the “Women’s Rest” at the bottom of the Titanic’s bridge, where they could indulge in the “caf entertainment” served when they were not watching the film. If you’d like to get a glimpse of the “caf entertainment” on a British cruise, one of the few things you can get on the UK’s largest cruise, the Queen Elizabeth , is the English Butter Ale, which is a standard course. It is the “most luxurious and authentic” beer in Britain, according to the Royal Navy website (which states that it represents the finest in English brewing and would win medals if anyone were to drink it). On top of that, on the Queen Elizabeth , there is no need for the “bouquet of flowers” that are usually brought aboard because, according to the Royal Navy’s “Guidebook for the King’s Doweries” , all the doweries had the flowers delivered within a period of three hours, during which time the doweries had been emptied and the flowers gathered.

The Queen Elizabeth is the largest ship ever built for the Royal Navy, but the Titanic was almost twice as large – which means the “Titanic effect” would have to be applied the entire length of the vessel, or otherwise the Queen Elizabeth would be more like the Queen Victoria , which was more than five times the boat’s length. It is possible that the British Royal Navy built the Queen Elizabeth so that they would have a greater opportunity to create a replica of the Titanic’s bridge in case of an accident involving a ship or a man on the Titanic. When an accident would occur, they would be able to use their “towers,” as they were nicknamed during the construction of the Titanic, to stabilize the wreckage and prevent it from toppling over or going under the water, which would slow down the process. The “Boat of the Duke of Edinburgh” has been used as a floating hospital on occasion to treat casualties of shipwrecks because of difficulties with the Titanic. It was created during the Civil War so that wounded Confederates could be brought ashore and treated safely rather than having to walk along the beach (or worse, risk drowning while waiting to be treated and potentially being left behind in the woods), which would prevent those still alive from helping rescue the trapped.

In addition to “living rooms” and “floating gardens,” which offer plenty of water, the Queen Elizabeth ships also feature a “house of the Lord” on the decks, with a garden (which is actually a sort of swimming pool) and a poolhouse on the bridge. Those aboard the Queen Elizabeth also enjoy the “Moby Dick” buffet, which typically consists of steaks (though some of the other ship’s meals also include meat). The Queen Elizabeth also features a small but lovely bath, a little room that allows you to unwind or change, a small library, and also a “stow and return” room on the port side, which can be used by the captain to return to his port.

The only downside to the Queen Elizabeth being the largest ship built for the Royal Navy is that it is much harder to find tickets, to the point that a non-Royal Navy, non-Royal Queen Elizabeth passenger is considered more of a tourist than a ship’s owner. Other than that, the Queen Elizabeth is one of the most luxurious cruise ships afloat and, if you were a Captain on one of her ship, you would almost have to be a whiz with computers and complex software to manage the ship, as well as the many electronics and systems to be used

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