I spent a couple hours trying to figure out whether I would be able to take care of this lock, and the others, all while keeping my eyes open to see if anything crazy happened.

~ Crawling into a coffin ~ ~~~

I’m still in shock of all how well everything went. I couldn’t believe it. I cried so much inside, of all the reasons this was meant to be, but all I can see is just how right I was. The whole thing was only meant to be, and yet everything went perfectly. We got through it together.

After I got home, I began to worry. It was only for a few days, but my worry was always there. I didn’t want to lose sleep over it, but a part of me knew that wasn’t likely. After all, we’re both survivors, so it shouldn’t be unreasonable to come up with some kind of contingency plan. So I began to figure out several ways in which I could take care of this problem if it ever came up again.

Before I did anything else, I started making a little list of things I wanted to bring with me.

I had a pair of scissors. I wanted to be able to cut them myself, rather than having someone do it for me. I didn’t know what my scissors would be made out of, but I didn’t have much choice in that. I decided that I had to have some sort of lock on it so I wouldn’t have to worry about going looking for an alternative. Then, I decided to look for a lock I could find that would prevent access to it. I found a few in the trash. Even though I already had all my supplies, I didn’t want to go hunting for them, so I grabbed the most obvious ones that showed up.

For my backpack, I got the same lock as they had for the scissors. I put two pieces of paper on top of it which I had to put back in their places periodically, to ensure I didn’t get stuck using them. I spent a couple hours trying to figure out whether I would be able to take care of this lock, and the others, all while keeping my eyes open to see if anything crazy happened. If I did manage to stay free and my backpack safe, I would have to figure out some way I could go from here in order to get to somewhere else quickly. I had a plan for that, too, which I won’t share with you all. It doesn’t give me much to work with; it would be a big waste of time to attempt something like that. If you want more information on it, I recommend checking out my past blog posts where I talked about various problems that I have with being surrounded by people, people with no idea about what’s going on.

When we decided to leave, I tried to tell myself that I was just being silly. If people cared enough to spend time with me instead of watching scary movies and stuff, that was their right. They made the call, so I couldn’t complain. I had so much to be grateful for, and while I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to give it all up, I do wonder if it was worth it to give up my old life without a fight. At the very least, I’m glad that I was able to be around people in a time when other people might have given it up because it felt like such a weight off of my shoulders.

I didn’t tell either of my parents about it right away. Instead, I decided to keep it to myself, at least for the time being. I didn’t want to leave everything I had on that first date, especially since I didn’t really want to. Instead, I just decided that as long as I had people to meet when I returned, I’d take the worst of both worlds and start life all over. On those first few days, I thought that I was going to be going around visiting friends for a number of days, so I did that. I spent quite a bit of extra time with my family, but what seemed like a quick trip turned into several days, and some kind of arrangement was finally made for some kind of time to come back home.

On the second weekend I was back, I spent another week at the hotel. It was another normal vacation, so I took my normal work schedule. My boss, my friends, and my bosses new-boss, all ended up returning to their usual weekly work patterns, so I had zero real interruptions during that week.

The next weekend was also a normal one. I worked as my normal freelance gig for a few days. I don’t know how I’m still sane enough to be doing this now. It was a really odd experience, seeing how I seemed to be completely oblivious to the way things were. It wasn’t until I was in my room trying to change and change into my clothes again in the middle of the night, a few hours after my first shift ended, that I realized there wasn’t even a light bulb in the room. This had never happened for

And, in the meantime, Pope Francis was walking to a gathering of world leaders, accompanied by a group of young men in the audience. On top of these measurements, there are several other factors which influence the location of the Perseid radiant the age of the universe, the position of Earth, the shape and orbit of Venus.
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