There's no evidence that thousands of illegal immigrants took a bus from Mexico to Arizona to take part in a nonexistent borderrelated protest on election day

“That’s a lot of sick people. The worst they got was minor symptoms such as cough and ear pain.”

As you’ll see tomorrow, Trump can take another turn for the wild when “He has to deal with the real estate mogul he defeated for the nomination, who made more contributions to Democratic political causes than to Republican political causes,” wrote the New York Times. “The former is a real problem, Mr. Trump acknowledged, and will be one of his main themes in the campaign, since Mr. Trump has repeatedly attacked Mr. Clinton as more corrupt and untrustworthy than Mr. Trump was during an ill-fated 1996 real estate venture. (Many Democrats hope the message is not lost in an ugly and unbecoming primary fight.)”

Meanwhile, CNN is still claiming this wasn’t a case of voter fraud:

In this still from video taken from a Trump campaign rally Monday, Nov. 13, 2016, protesters interrupt an interview with Donald Trump in Phoenix. Credit: CNN Newsource The video clip includes a large part of Mr. Trump’s speech, which touched on some of Mr. Trump’s attacks on the press, including a claim he was forced to apologize for “sticking to what he knows” and repeatedly calling it a “rigged system.” (He has since said he was referring to an unaired segment of his first season of The Apprentice on NBC.)

But according to a CNN report, the protesters were actually not the ones who interrupted his interview, CNN is claiming:

The video shows a man who had come to the pro-Trump rally with several of his friends, he said. “This is an assault in a free society. As Americans, we have been attacked from the right and the left on every issue,” the man, who named himself ‘Joe,’ said. “We have been attacked from the left and the right. That should frighten every American. But it shouldn’t have to.”

That’s the “Joe” on the far left in the video… and of course CNN is spinning it this way:

CNS News reports: “Joe, a friend of the reporter, explained that his video was a shot of the person in questionnot what Trump said was actually said by him. … One of the man’s friends joined the segment to interrupt and tell the Trump campaign they were concerned the rally was not a free and open one. “We want to make sure it’s not a rigged system,” one of them said of Trump’s remarks, as other men in the clip followed him at a distance.”

“Trump said his statement was ‘not a surprise ‘ if you study the numbers,” CNN adds.

And why would they be? There’s no evidence that thousands of illegal immigrants took a bus from Mexico to Arizona to take part in a non-existent border-related protest on election day? Or that “illegal immigrants” participated in voting fraud? No evidence, no conspiracy, nothing. What there is is a bunch of people screaming about how people are being murdered because they’re undocumented and are afraid of Donald Trump. Because they’re concerned that their jobs could be taken away. Because they’re concerned about immigration.

If he wins, Trump is going to do precisely what you would expect him to do: attack the media. He needs to make sure the Democrats aren’t able to use this to their advantage on Election Day.

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