This is especially important today as political leaders are attempting to slash access to medical care by eliminating the ACA.

A recent study by the Harvard Population Health Study confirmed that happiness in America is only slightly correlated to income. Optimism in America is more the result of how we are brought up (an element of society that can be modified).

What is clear is that people of all socioeconomic races are much happier than the general population. You seem to be very pessimistic. Your attitude may indicate that you think things are good enough.

But I wonder if your income is too low to reach a happy place in life? I’m not saying to start your own business, but maybe you need a little bit of encouragement? I know from my own experience that we can get there, but it certainly doesn’t happen by reading a book. If you can afford to start a business, why not, right? If we want to live a happier and productive life, we need to start now!

The last time we held a conference, I asked my wife if I could invite anyone else to join us. She told me she had gotten some nice feedback before and wanted to make sure I took up the offer. I went through my email at the time and found several dozen emails and phone calls urging how important the topic was.

I thought: “I do this because I care, but also because I want to hear everyone else’s opinion as well!”

We’re not in the business of selling people on ideas. We also hope people will choose to join The Healthy Choice Clinic from our website and find out what they’re getting for their dollars. We also want to provide information to the public in different ways. This is especially important today as political leaders are attempting to slash access to medical care by eliminating the ACA. Some have proposed making people with serious illnesses pay the full cost of their health care, rather than subsidizing that care through the tax system, Medicare, or savings to the federal budget. People are concerned that if they get sick, that they will have no recourse when health care systems fail them. But it is our goal that no one have to go without coverage. We want to show them how to make choices within those constraints but not force the whole world into a system that they will believe will take care of them automatically. It is far more difficult to convince someone who does not believe than it was for me, but we are all on the same team trying to solve a problem. If you get sick and I get sick, I do not want you to feel like no one cares!

Some day, you will be asked to make a decision for your own self-understanding and life goals. There is no other option, other than being prepared for the inevitable failure of any health care system. This means being educated, aware and aware of how health care impacts you and your life. I believe it is equally important that we do this for others as well as ourselves.

Thank you for inviting me.


Ruth “Bunny” Bostwick, M.D.

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