If Mike DeVito, Brandon Flowers or Derrick Johnson are both not ready to play, McCoy will be an intriguing option to fill the void left.

He is a tough blocker and looks to have the upside of both a zone blocking and power runner at the next level with his speed, quickness and elusive skills. The Chiefs need help in the front seven on both sides of the ball after their front four dominated the line of scrimmage in the preseason. If Mike DeVito, Brandon Flowers or Derrick Johnson are both not ready to play, McCoy will be an intriguing option to fill the void left. We can expect a good amount of work on offense from the rookie and his coach in the early going. McCoy played in the first preseason game as a fourth round pick out of Alabama. It would not shock us to see McCoy get a couple of reps in this week’s game. Hopefully some other things fall in place and the Raiders can get one of the top two running backs on the market.

The Jaguars are one of the teams looking at Trent Richardson, who has already stated he wants another shot. The Colts are still looking at his list of teams and have told Richardson that even if they drafted a running back in the first round they want to get their hands on the Jaguars for the second round, so that means they don’t have to give up their second round pick.

This week they will probably go after a runner in the fourth or fifth round, and we’ll find out which one will come with the Lions as a result of the trade for Theo Riddick. Detroit went after Richardson last season in a trade with the Browns that would have allowed Matthew Stafford to move inside and make it even easier for Reggie Bush to get on the field in the short-term and allowed Detroit to add other players and improve the offense. So while the trade is nothing to be alarmed about, it is a good sign that the Lions will be looking for a run-blocking back in the second round based off his history.

There is a chance that Robert Griffin III might move on from Washington this offseason, but if he does, could he have another team in the mix in the third round? The Redskins have been linked to some players, but can they deal with RG III to get a better backup option? If it wasn’t for the injury to Colt McCoy, his career could have been much different in one way or another.

If the Redskins made another trade to a team with a need on defense, like the Cowboys, that could push them into the third round and with the second or third, what players could the Redskins be targeting?

The Redskins drafted DE Ryan Kerrigan in the second round of the 2007 draft out of Rutgers. Since then, Kerrigan has gone as far as to be rated as a possible first round pick in 2013 by NFL.com. There is a chance the second round of the draft could contain a player like this. The Redskins have a need at outside linebacker and Kerrigan fits that description. While the Redskins are looking for someone to replace Ray McDonald, an option is Ryan Kerrigan, and a similar player. If that happens, we could see a player like Kerrigan, or a third round pick such as the Vikings’ Harrison Smith, who was the sixth round pick from Georgia in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Now comes the easy part, picking a running back in the third round. For the first time in the history of the NFL, 3rd round picks are not an option for the Patriots, although you never know with Belichick, as the New England offensive lineman have done it all over their history. For now there won’t be a single third round running back on the roster, but that could change if things play out as expected.

The Broncos do have a need at running back and a player is being talked about by some scouts that was not on the team entering the season. This player can be found in the first round of the draft on the Titans who already dealt out their 2016 third- and fourth-round picks. The Titans were not expected to turn over their third- and fourth-round selections until the second round of the draft so they aren’t getting much of value there so far in the draft. The Titans traded a 2018 fourth-round pick and a 2019 third-round pick to move up to get a young talent in this draft.

While some folks are worried about a third round running back from the Browns, this is still a great class to jump start a franchise in Cleveland without the need of a third round pick. The Browns have only had three 3rd round picks in the past 25 years and could need a backup to Isaiah Crowell in the immediate future. If he can get healthy and play well, his value might be higher than first round picks in that class. In fact, the Browns might look forward to trading back in the third round and getting that third rounder back and making this pick.

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As far as the original plan goes, Azriel did all but say it would have to be one or the other, referencing Kelly's recent injury and the possibility of his return, and then pointing out that he is not as big of a name as he used to be, and that's going to play into a lot of the decision. I also think the Rams should do the right thing with the practice squad players by keeping them away from the public eye until after training camp and preseason.
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