Our consumption of high fructose corn syrup has made the food industry dependent on cheap sugar.

When an antibiotic has gone from effective to ineffective in 70% of patients, it is no longer 100% effective. One day this will change, but it will take considerable time. As a simple as finding and treating those with an infection is daunting. If only because the drug companies have been successful in getting drug firms to lobby for laws, which the public is then informed about, which are then ignored. In my opinion, the best way to deal with the drug companies and their lobby is to take them down. They have more money than we do, and they have more political influence as well. There are several tactics they can use to take down our health care system and it could be worse than what we face. So what can be done to help? (1) Encourage the use of antibiotics in foods. A great example of this is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, so the bacteria on your hands is not an issue. When we talk about obesity, the majority of calories we consume are for energy. So if we eat lots of fruits and vegetables, the bacteria in your hands will leave the bacteria on the food and we will have a healthier body. I believe this can begin to be accomplished by changing what is available in what the food we eat. Our consumption of high fructose corn syrup has made the food industry dependent on cheap sugar. Therefore, when we eat more fruits and vegetables, the bacteria will move away from this sugar for a reason. However it is difficult to change everything that is part of your food. The food itself must be healthy too. If the food is not well processed (in both ways), we only have ourselves to blame. This may not mean we should cut out sugars, but we should make sure the food is healthy. A healthy burger with vegetables will be very different than a burger that is full of junk (lots of bread and cheese). In all likelihood, if the burger you are going to eat has been processed properly then it will have not only nutritious meat on it, but it will also have good fats and proteins in it too.

The difference between healthy and junk food and how to tell the difference…

The issue with processed food, is that with it being processed with chemicals, we risk having an impact on ourselves. This is why even if you eat lots of nutritious food, you should not be consuming high fructose corn syrup. If a food is processed just right, which also includes salt, sugar, high fat foods, refined corn kernels, and artificial sweeteners, and if the food is eaten low in salt, sugar, and can be found in healthy, low calorie foods, then it is all pretty much safe. I can confidently say 100% of what happens on food is in the form of the bacteria and not the bacteria themselves. So now I’m willing to take responsibility on my part to stop the bacteria from spreading, but at the same time, I also want the bacteria not to move off the food so much that it kills the food. This is where the food we are eating is especially essential, and where the bacteria are the most at risk. What we can do is provide nutrients or minerals to our food which will help to balance out the bacteria so that they don’t spread too thinly, and get away from the processed stuff. I want to encourage people with diabetes to eat fruits and veggies, as their insulin levels are the highest while you have the highest blood sugar levels. The insulin we consume on a daily basis is actually causing more problems because as soon as our body is taking in more carbs, the bacteria begin eating those carbs. They will begin multiplying and multiplying, until their time in the body is quickly over.

My mother has diabetes… her own genetics and my own lifestyle played a factor in whether or not I got diabetes. However, what my father didn’t know was that I was suffering from insulin resistant bacteria. If he thought my mother was doing ok, maybe that was why her blood sugar was so high, but in reality, it was because of lack of nutrients. Thus, with my father’s advice, I switched over to eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts and started getting my insulin levels down. This was a necessary step that helped me deal with the bacteria. While this may seem as simple as having more veggies, it is not that simple because there is more involved. First and foremost, I have to be careful that I don’t go overboard. In addition to making sure they are properly soaked and prepared, I have to make sure I don’t let this bacteria penetrate into other foods too. Many people are hesitant to eat too much nuts when there is a chance they may be exposed to bacteria, but to me (and many others that have tried too

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