This crew, as they described it to their families, had a great journey, but a perfect farewell to this world and is now in my soul, I thank God Almighty, my Lord and Savior.

So, in their haste to repair the ship they began operating outside of it’s hull, with a partially repaired deck and hull that doesn’t hold the same amount of water, when in fact, it was about 200 feet of water, so it’s pretty much still underwater, in some places.

As the ship rolled toward the water it became more and more apparent that an aircraft or a submarine would sink it. Instead, what they did was take a large jackhammer and begin hammering in chunks of wood until the stern became stable again. The crew didn’t realize however, that the large jackhammer they were using would not break up the deck, or that it would be easy to hammer out the deck, or the water will drain to the deck, once in the water the deck will have a very high water pressure, and once the water pressure is removed the deck will stay there, like a little island, at the bottom of a small body of water, where it is easy to access.

They were not concerned with where the boat sank because they didn’t know what was underneath, they just knew that it wasn’t safe to venture into the small body of water. For many of these first few days it was too dangerous to venture, they made an emergency landing off the shore of Baltimore. For over an hour a small group of survivors, who were able to escape the debris after the boat was towed out and moved, followed it’s path, and eventually made it back to a camp with a truck on wheels, ready to take them back to a place safer than the water, to which they had been promised that no one would try to kill them. The ship was now on its way back to Baltimore, to pick up where it had left off. It traveled around Baltimore for 45 + hours, without incident, until it arrived back and landed with no problems at all, in Norfolk, for the repairs. This crew, as they described it to their families, had “a great journey, but a perfect farewell to this world (and) is now in my soul, I thank God Almighty, my Lord and Savior”. There have been many stories told about what happened to the crew of the ship, and how they survived in this remote location, as well as the people who actually survived on board, but many are not telling the full story. So, I am sharing the story of the survivors and the people who lived and worked on that boat that can now be used as a lesson in survival.

The Boat and the People on it (from YouTube)

The crew returned back to Baltimore with very little money, but without much food or anything to call their own. They were eventually able to rent a home to live at, at a very good price. However, the home for them was not at all safe, it now had broken windows and sagging roof, and no power. In fact, what happened next was that the whole house was washed away, the wood is what is left. I remember being in college in my late teens when a friend with no money rented an old house in a neighborhood of Baltimore and that was where I lived and became quite aware of how dirty and decrepit a place that house had become. When the ship hit, it hit the water on its keel, which caused the stern to start moving a little faster than usual, it was moving a little faster than a locomotive as well. The ship then began to sink until it was in a deep hole, there were huge chunks of wood and debris everywhere. This was when the people were rescued. A group of people living on the island called the “Aquarium” which is close to the boat and close to the shore, decided to move the boat with a boat crew. They started to remove the wreck, then the boat was being towed after it was done when things started happening more rapidly. The people on the boat were moving around, one man began to try to haul things into it, the hull that was moving around was getting dangerously slippery, the boat started to slide even further, and all of a sudden the “Aquarium” was flooded, then some of the people on the boat were trapped in the side, they all got washed out to sea .

The “Aquarium” was eventually saved, mostly by a small group of people, whom were able to crawl into that side of the boat. It was then the crew began to try to pick the people up. It was very hard to stay afloat for anything and everyone was quite aware that there would be no hope for them if they were ever picked up. Eventually the crew began to put people into the vessel in a row, and then the boat just went down. They made it back to sea, and were rescued, with no money and no food, but a good helping.

The Crew rescued the

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