The Redskins do not appear to be very happy with their tight end depth and will probably be more aggressive moving Kelce to the practice squad if they happen to cut him.

And here is what we know so far about the Giants’ 53-man roster. The Giants are still trying to figure out where their starters are at. The “backup” quarterback seems to be moving around, but some feel like the front office has made its preference on the man and is making the front office happy. Another player who may be included in that list is Brandon Weeden, so if the Giants do decide to bring back Weeden then he might not be able to be on the 53-man roster. I have mentioned Weeden before because of all the changes he is facing this year with all the new players and how much the offense is turning into The Boombox . I am still waiting to hear how that will affect Weeden’s chances with the team. This all comes after the Giants hired offensive line coach Bill Callahan to be their new offensive coordinator. Also we seem to be adding a new defensive line coach.

So far here is our current roster. I like to keep the updated list here so all previous versions (if any). The following players are no longer eligible to be claimed off the practice squad and are not going to make the 53-man roster.

Ryan Nassib, G, Jets: Nassib seems to be moving around and maybe I am just getting ahead of myself. The good thing is I am not sure where his true position is on the depth chart at this point. The reason I am taking a wait and see approach is because the Giants did not pick up their fifth-year option on the veteran. That means in 2015 they will have to sign him off of the practice squad. If they do sign him then the decision may not be whether to keep him on the practice squad or cut him. As we know sometimes teams need to keep players to protect their draft picks. The Jets have a pretty good draft pick, so what else is there? How long can he keep playing until he has to be re-signed? If he is cut or loses the starting job to either Brandon Mosley or Keenan Robinson then they are saving a pick here. Either way I hope they avoid it and keep him.

Will Sutton, TE, Giants: One of the more interesting developments when it comes to the 53-man roster is that last season the Giants cut Adrian Peterson and kept him on the 53-man roster. That left him as a practice squad player for 2014. This year we might see the Giants try to get him to sign with a team. The other interesting development is that the Giants may continue to try to keep their depth on the practice squad. I do not see them bringing anyone up unless it is in a real emergency and some other player has to go.

Jason Kelce, TE, Redskins: After trading for Evan Engram and having him make the team this season, the team now has some problems on the offensive line too. This means Kelce is in their crosshairs. The problem? I do not think Kelce does a lot for the Redskins . Another player who is still on the team but not on the 53-man roster is Jamison Crowder. The Redskins do not appear to be very happy with their tight end depth and will probably be more aggressive moving Kelce to the practice squad if they happen to cut him. If they do not cut him they will need to get him another team to keep him.

Khalil Mack, DE, Raiders: I am no longer keeping my fingers crossed that Mack is cut off their practice squad, but I hope he goes. This should be considered a surprise since Mack is not a great pass rusher and could potentially help in one specific area of the defense. Mack has played very well for the Raiders this year and has a career sack total of 3.5. That is far better than his career total of 0.5 and that one of these days he will be able to join Andre Branch as the only Raiders to have 2 career 10.5 sacks in his career. It would be good to have Mack back and the Raiders know that. I do not think they would call up Mack if he was not named to the 53-man roster.

Greg Hardy, LB, Cowboys: One thing that makes Hardy so interesting as a candidate to be cut is the way they have re-signed him this season. They signed him after he was suspended on three counts and I cannot imagine them cutting him now unless it is to protect a prospect or maybe take him over a backup linebacker. That would be a surprise. It is possible it is because nobody else is trying to take him off the practice squad. I have not heard anything from the team about Hardy’s situation in a while, so hopefully this news can be an exception.

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