That is indeed another South Korean teamwhich had previously qualified for the Olympic teams in 1924 forGiant's Sailing and 1920 for the World Tour series so there is no explanation there.

This year’s list also includes, from the U.S., the last two Olympic gold medals of the last century,Mae Whitman (3x, 1976 Olympic), (4x, 1904 Olympics) and (4x, 1936 Olympic). Of those medals, only Whitman would have been eligible for the Olympic Games the following summer due to not passing her physical in time for the Games. A bronze might have suited her but she would have just missed out by1-2% on the podium. Whitman was of course a gold medalist inF1 but never made the U.S. team. In total, there are 4 Olympic gold medals from American athletes from 1904-1946, three bronze medals andone silver. Most of these were won by people from the West. It might be fitting then that the top spot for the 2016 Games would belong to the South. Huge congrats to Ryan O’Connell for securing gold andChick Beers for winning her second gold.

3rd Place - South Korean Team (9/2 - 8/12)

The last part of the list has been quite hard to come by. SeveralSouth Koreanshave fallen out of the medals table, despite severalfirst-place finishes.

I did not include another gold medal in the team. As you all may have noticed, there is no Korean gold in the Olympics but only a Korean silver in F1 in 1996. The only other gold came in 1924 inInternational F3 . That is indeed another South Korean teamwhich had previously qualified for the Olympic teams in 1924 forGiant’s Sailing and 1920 for the World Tour series - so there is no explanation there. If the gold and silver medals from these South Korean teams were included in this column then the final spots are split fairly evenly between the South and North. South Korea is clearly at the top of the medal table and it should be.

4th Place - European Team (July 18 - 15)

This is quite a long list due to the recent team qualifying for the Olympic Games. It consists of 11 countries and one of them is the United States. They have wona total of15 gold medals(1908-1926),a total of3 bronzemedals (1962, 1973 and 1986), andtwo silvermedals (1960 and 1993). They have only one silver medal in F1 (and it was a bronze won in 1952). One might think of this in terms of how much the United States has contributed to Olympic medal success. However, it is also worth looking at howEuropeanmedal wins have played out in terms of participation and number of Olympic medals won. It might be more useful to look at the percentage of Olympic medals won by a number of teams in the same sport. Unfortunately we cannot look at individual results but we can at the team numbers. So if we compare the European teams with the same amount ofparticipation (in World Tour series, F1, GP2 and the Tour de France), there does seem to be a pattern of European teams winning more medals. The final European team isthe Netherlands (5,943 total medals), which hasonly two medal victories. They are the 1/8 of a point behind last place but they only collected one gold medal that year. The best European medalreward in the past(in terms of percentage of medals won) happened in 1992 in the Olympic team trials whenthe Swedish team collected 818 medals. They were also only third on the team table and the final prize was a gold medal in the Grand Prix.

5th Place - U.S. Team (July 18 - 15)

No surprises here as this is the top spot for the United States. The U.S. has won a total of 12 gold medals in F1 from 1913-1958 (including 3 in 1928). Three silver medals have been won in World Tour series (1958, 1974 and 1988), as well as one bronze (1964). Of the medals, five were silver and they only have one silver medal in F1. They were previously on top in World Tour Series for the entireentire 20th century (1929-1940), but after they retired they began to lose popularity. This is probably not surprising as they are in abadly-rated sports scene with a poor track record of high-quality sporting events such as the Summer Tour Series (WTS). So despite their impressive numbers in recent Olympics (4 gold medals since 1904), they will not start 2016 medals high on the

In the second episode of the series, the fan and another friend went behind the scenes, and they found a pile of old photos of Freddy Durst sitting on a TV set in the production office in his home. The Redskins do not appear to be very happy with their tight end depth and will probably be more aggressive moving Kelce to the practice squad if they happen to cut him.
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