In the second episode of the series, the fan and another friend went behind the scenes, and they found a pile of old photos of Freddy Durst sitting on a TV set in the production office in his home.

The idea for an elaborate, slow-burning murder mystery came from a story his friend was having an argument about, a few weeks prior to writing the plot. If you’re not familiar with an overzealous fan , this could be the most exciting thing you’ll see today. When the story was penned, the actor in question was “in a really bad car accident.” When he recovered from his injuries, the actor and his friend ran into someone who was a huge fan of Fred Durst’s work:

One of the earliest clues I remember watching was that Durst had one of his fan boys tell him what their favorite movie of his was. I just thought it was so interesting, but what did it have to do with anything? It just seems odd. So when I first met him, he told me about the guy he’d had this conversation with last, and I thought, ‘why does he keep talking about that guy?’ But as he would reveal, when the show was being prepared my name was never put down in any of the scripts. After the show was over, he told me the name of the fan, and it was never mentioned again. That’s the best I could do, even though it was just a coincidence.

The main character was still a mystery, but the show was being shot in the studio where Fred Durst shot his first film, “Stolen Faces.” In the second episode of the series, the fan and another friend went behind the scenes, and they found a pile of old photos of Freddy Durst sitting on a TV set in the production office in his home. When asked about them, Freddy said he was there before, but that he hadn’t been in the room for a while. The fan asked, “Do you know about the dead body he was sitting on?” Freddy replied, “What I remember is that the body that he was sitting on was real, and I think it was his kid’s”. The guy knew something, so they pulled him and the real Freddy Durst out of the room and got them a ride home. Freddy had done several other shows in the studio and had several children with him; he even got them to cut him some slack, because he wasn’t in the room for at least a year. They ended up going to his home to put them through the ringer, then asked about the body sitting in the office. He said, “She’s the real Freddy Durst, but there’s a dead body in the car I threw away back there.” “You threw away the real one?” “Yeah.”

This is what’s known as “the missing piece” of this whole story - the dead body, one of the few things left out of “Stolen Faces.” It’s just a couple of old photos from the production office; nothing that has anything to do with Freddy Durst or his films . . . Not even a t-shirt, not even a tie. Nothing more. Just another of the many things it would be useful to have onscreen, but it simply doesn’t exist as a key piece. When Fred Durst got home from shooting, the fan wanted to have another conversation with him, but Freddy was in the shower, so he didn’t get to speak. The next day both the fan and Freddy came to his house and asked to take a picture of the head from his old show. Freddie agreed, and sent a photo the next day. The picture, which Freddie took out of rage, included the last few hair on the fan’s head. Although the last hair was removed and the fans head was left with only its neck and head visible . . . but it was still there.

The next day, at Freddy’s house, the fan sent a second picture, this time featuring the last few hair around Freddy’s neck and head. The whole group had to talk about how Freddy was never around the home for at least a year, and if Freddie needed anything, he knew someone was in the studio that night. Freddie asked for pictures of everyone as they sat around all night preparing the next scene, while he sat in the bathtub. Freddie remembered being in a hot tub at some point, so he knew that Freddie never had sex with this woman. He also gave the real Freddy Durst and himself a ride home, and even had the band play “I Wanna Get Lost” out of their van for them (they were great, and Freddie asked to use the same van for his next film). This is how you make up a murder mystery by not letting one member of the group know which dead body is being buried in a closet in a bathroom. Freddie’s murder of the fan was a perfect

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