To keep the possibilities out of the mind of the Kardashian generation, let me direct readers to a related article that is also coming out from L'Oral Paris What Makes L'Oral's 'Creme Rouge' Look Great Aug. 30, 10am PDT.

One is a dermatologist, who said she’d recommend a “wet and spicy” lip treatment, which would likely involve a cold session in the car and some cream. The other expert is a cosmetic-surgery doctor whom I spoke to and confirmed the method is definitely possible to perform.

“Even if you have a scar, you can’t remove much of the lip,” he told me, adding he has “experienced the procedure done on patients with normal skin.”

The Kardashian case raises, at least, the prospect of lip removal–and with it the possibility of extreme beauty treatments. I’m not yet ready to endorse a product of this nature, but it certainly warrants further study. To keep the possibilities out of the mind of the Kardashian generation, let me direct readers to a related article that is also coming out from L’Oral Paris: “What Makes L’Oral’s ‘Creme Rouge’ Look Great” (Aug. 30, 10am PDT). I can’t quite get over that title. What’s up with this “Creme Rouge” and it’s so-called “superior effect”?

At the very least, if a Kardashian-Jenner marriage ever did get off the ground (which it will very likely), there is speculation among the public that Kardashian would never see his younger sister (now 27 years old) on the red carpet again. Or more accurately, that she would. In the world of celebrity psychology, you can be just as narcissistic…or at the very least as manipulative…as the paparazzi. Afterall, her father was a “monster.” They may have had things to drink in the hotel room during a recent trip to LA , but they certainly hadn’t taken out the trash on the pool. “And we had the whole experience at L.A. with the paparazzi…and they were right there to take my picture, even though they were a few days away from their wedding,” Kardashian-Jenner said last week . “That was when I started thinking to myself, ‘Am I ready to take my sister’s picture in public? Because I’m not.’”

The reality of the situation is that a paparazzi invasion would likely be the least of her worries. With the Kardashian family now at the height of their fame in New York’s West Village over a year and the reality TV show in full swing, the public might see Jenner as her real-life counterpart in another kind of reality, especially amongst the Kardashian brood. If she does indeed, or has already, gotten out “somewhere,” some of the older generation of Kardashians will have a say in whether the Kardashian-Jenner brood makes or breaks their future. A new movie in the works, starring Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner, is already under way. We’ll see. Update: Read my original piece on Khloe Kardashian’s “beautiful” lips from Sept. 5, 2011. And I have not been alone in my comments on this story. Kardashian, 36, has deleted her Twitter account and stopped responding to all my messages, even at the rate of one a day. So, my first response might not be the best to my reader. But I suppose I should try one more time. Thanks. UPDATE: I have finally received a statement from Khloe Kardashian: Here is a translation of the “official” statement.

“The above picture is a very sensitive one, with many parts, as I’m not used to having such things in my life. I can only say that it is a very difficult day for me and my family. I am truly sorry to everyone that has known me for years and all whom I love. And to all the people who love me!

I was working in L.A. where I did a lot of fun stuff and went a lot of places with my family. It is a very challenging time for my family, but at the same time it is the most exciting time I have ever had in my life to share my love for them with people.” UPDATE: In a new interview, Kardashian-Jenner said she plans to be in New York for the awards show, as the New York Post reported Wednesday morning . She also has plans to open her house and the couple is hoping to have a wedding there in October.

Spaceport spokesman Mike Stokes According to an aerial view, the storm has made landfall in St. Augustine, FL, and is expected to continue moving NE by this afternoon. It is also very similar to what Peter Thiel said on the matter at SXSW, where he said that the media landscape was changing in a negative way and that he could no longer be an investor in a successful company.
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