James Vlahos ____ ____ The Trump administration says GM will keep plants in Indiana, but even Republicans here in Indianapolis worry that the president's edict could harm the state's economy, a place where a lot of jobs are.

And a look at the new 2016 Chevrolet Silverado LE. “Trump’s latest executive order is a reminder that the Trump administration’s executive orders are much less consequential than we think.” – Greg Sargent “The new rules could create political headaches for automakers on both sides of the debate.” – James Vlahos “The Trump administration says GM will keep plants in Indiana, but even Republicans here in Indianapolis worry that the president’s edict could harm the state’s economy, a place where a lot of jobs are.” – Michael Hiltzik “GM’s plan to move its Michigan and Ohio plants from the US to India.” – James Vlahos “The auto industry’s recent losses don’t sit well with some of the business-minded and tax-savvy Trump advisers who will be advising President Donald Trump on tax policy.” – Adam Liptak


The Ford Motor Company is the most profitable American car company. It is the second-largest global automaker. If we are going to compete for jobs and innovation, we need to have the best economy and highest standard of living in the world. That means we need the best workforce, the best technology, the best facilities, and the best market for our products. Unfortunately, some recent negative headlines about Ford in our media haven’t focused enough on all these things. To put it in perspective, the current administration is actually creating more good jobs than that. And while our UAW contract is up for renegotiation later this year, we have been through a very productive renegotiation process. The company has done well. It has continued to reinvest in operations, expanding facilities in Arizona and Michigan, building on its current lineup of cars and trucks. And it is investing in new ideas and technologies to make our vehicles safer, more efficient and more fuel-efficient. Those investments aren’t just making us profitable, they’re also creating good paying jobs. We must get a little smarter at how we manage our companies, in what I call a Smart Team approach. Our challenge is to create jobs that are not only good paying, they’re also well-supported by existing and future income streams. We’ve worked on the jobs part with one side of the company and the other side with the US Chamber of Commerce, all across the country. Last week, we started an apprenticeship program for new hires and veterans. In the coming weeks, we will host a roundtable discussion about where we can further strengthen our programs to make sure they are working well for all employees. I’m not going to speak much about the president’s executive order, but the fact is that as a company, we were disappointed by recent news about decisions made by the current administration as well as Trump’s recent tweets. It would be good to remind the company’s workforce of the good it has accomplished to date. I think it’s time to have them take a look at what’s being done right now. In just a few years, Ford has become one of the world’s largest car makers – a distinction that no longer exists when it comes to vehicles. This year, we will build some 2,000 vehicles outside the United States for the North American market, which in fact, is in great shape, thanks in large part to the commitment of our company and our employees. And, most importantly, and this is something everyone already knows, we’ve achieved a record number of new automotive patents in the first 10 months of the Trump administration. During the same period last year, we gained more than 1,000. At Ford, success is measured not just in how many vehicles we produce, but more importantly by the ways we create value for our customers. One such benefit is the Ford EcoBoost Hybrid. With an average of 41 miles per gallon and the best-in-class fuel economy, the Ford EcoBoost Hybrid has the potential to change how people travel by changing our lives. We’re also excited about the Model X. It has an electric motor, the only one of its kind in the United States. More importantly, it has become an example of a smart car, where we use technology to make driving just as safe and convenient as ever. We have done much to reduce energy consumption, which is now the lowest in the industry. We are building and manufacturing every one of our vehicle in America. And, we expect that to continue and we have lots of plans to do that. On top of our strong fundamentals and innovation and job creation in America, we’re also developing and manufacturing exciting new products for customers around the world. Our new vehicle for the new century will be based on a philosophy, the same one Ford created at our Dearborn Assembly plant and the one we continue to build and build in California and Michigan. That philosophy is “drive innovation”. To build on that success we’re already on the cusp of exciting new global product development. And because of our leadership in this area, with or

Another source of this story, the LA News, adds that Skaggs, 25, was a twotime AllStar pitcher who was in line to play for the American League champion club and that his death was another in a string of questionable suicides. SpaceX, NASA's new Dragon spacecraft carry Chinese payload, set to be deployed into orbit This image provided by NASA on Wednesday, Sept. 2 shows the Dragon spacecraft on its Dragon capsule that landed on floating pad at the Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral The U.S. space shuttle fleet's final mission was launched on July 20, 2003, with Commander Dave Scott delivering two astronauts back into space for four days of science operations on the international space station.
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