these coins and the CoinBase Wallet Product are not directly or indirectly supported by a merchant or service provider.

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– The following blockchain marketcap and trade data was entered into by Coinbase for analysis purposes (or without prior agreement) of the use of any portion of the information herein mentioned (the “Market Cap”) as of January of 2017 in connection with the transaction and its transactions. All other data in this dataset are within the legal limitations to the data reported hereunder. All data published by Coinbase to the US government, but excluded otherwise, were compiled by Coinbase’s own technical staff pursuant to its own terms, laws, regulations, or rulings or otherwise. Information provided on the Coinbase Marketplace is subject to these legal restrictions and may be subject to the terms and conditions herein. The Coinbase Marketplace API Terms and Conditions (“API Terms”) will apply for your use of or to access the Marketplace. TheAPI Terms have been updated by our Privacy and Security Team at the time this section was first submitted to them. These Terms apply to an account that was registered on or before January 1, 2016 through October 31, 2016 from your Coinbase account, as of January 1, 2017, if you are the individual in possession of one or more digital wallets for storing and receiving funds. The API Terms are a subset of the US Terms of Use (Title 21 UST and UST+01, UST+02, UST+, and UST+03). Please note that the API terms do not cover the following exchanges: Funds from the Coinbase Platform and the Coinbase Wallet Market can normally only be accessed via an account registered on or before January 1, 2017: The Coinbase Wallet Market is not affiliated with Coinbase for the purposes of use of its Products and Services. This Marketplace is not a customer-managed service. The Coinbase Wallet Market is intended to be utilized without a Coinbase Account Owner in order to sell or redeem Dash, the Dash Price Index and other Dash Price Index products to users. In no event are Dash Prices and Dash Price Index related products to be sold or redeem on the Coinbase Marketplace or Coinbase Wallet Market, or sold, or exchange, from any Coinbase account. The Coinbase Wallet Market and Market will be considered as an individual and will not be accepted when selling and exchanging Dash, DASH, or other Dash Price Index products. The Coinbase Wallet Market also assumes responsibility for the following: Purchasing, exchanging, and exchanging coins, or the use of those products and services through the Coinbase Marketplace, or through the Coinbase Wallet Market without the Coinbase Account of the Coinbase Wallet Market. All transactions on the Coinbase Marketplace are subject to this Regulation. Data may be stored and transmitted on the Coinbase Wallet Market anonymously without authorization, in connection with the trading of Dash and Dash transactions with other Coinbase users. CoinBase reserves the right to deny or deny your Coinbase Account as requested by you on this Privacy Request or our Rules of Conduct when you are without permission from Coinbase for, and on account of, any such reason, including without limitation the following: the information you provide on the Coinbase Marketplace (including without limitation your Dash price index information) that you provide was obtained by mistake. (e.g., You have forgotten to remove your Coinbase Account from Facebook or Instagram). your transaction amount is not paid as part of any Dash Price Index or Dash Price Index product or service. No CoinBase or any third parties may claim otherwise of your participation in the Dash Price Index or Dash Price Index. these coins and the CoinBase Wallet Product are not directly or indirectly supported by a merchant or service provider. The Privacy or Security of your CoinBase Wallet Wallet or your CoinBase Wallet Wallet is governed by applicable law. - The Coinbase Wallet marketplace and Market are governed by and shall not be construed to be an endorsement, recommendation or solicitation to, or approval by, any third party, including, but not limited to, a third-party developer, participant, employee, investor, or any third party as to the use or performance of the Coinbase Wallet Marketplace, on or for a product based on the CoinBase Wallet Wallet Marketplace or on behalf of the Coinbase or

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