On the other hand, according to the official Japanese forums of Square Enix, there will likely be separate Xbox Live Arcade lobbies available for offline play, but we don't expect this to be completed in Japan.

There are three playable characters in the game, so there is a noticeable possibility they could appear at a later point. We also have news that there will be a 3DS version of the 2nd game to be released in Japan at PAX East 2017, though it should be a PC version as soon as possible for compatibility.

While Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to ship with the 3DS, we do not plan to share details about its online multiplayer functionality. In an exclusive interview with Kotaku , Sony CEO Satoru Iwata confirmed that there will be a different multiplayer online mode for the game. With the online mode being called “Fury’s Bounty,” we’ll be able to play a live stream using Twitch, rather than an online system on Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network. On the other hand, according to the official Japanese forums of Square Enix, there will likely be separate Xbox Live Arcade lobbies available for offline play, but we don’t expect this to be completed in Japan.

But while there are rumors of online features being added or expanded upon by Nintendo in future titles, there are definite similarities in how they are being planned with Final Fantasy VII Remake. With all the story related issues currently plaguing the series, the game could rely on it. If Remakes or Final Fantasy have become popular, they may have some sort of a fanbase built into them.

As has been widely reported, Japanese companies are not willing to release a fully 3D game for 2C3V, despite the fact that the company has a history of creating 3D RPGs. They want fans to know there are 3D characters, and that they are well-represented on both sides of the story.

To add insult to injury, many fans did not feel there was sufficient enough variety to provide a 2D experience for those who didn’t want it yet. For the game to be possible, Nintendo must release as many characters as possible, but it is possible that they will release a second character on the first day, but without the necessary characters. It also won’t be easy for them to put the whole franchise right together with a sequel. If that were the case, it might be impossible for people to imagine what they will see on Vita. We don’t know if all the content is available for 3DS pre-orders as this is simply a “work on the 3DS now” kind of thing, but our prediction is this for the sequel.

Meanwhile, Square Enix appears to have been quick to announce that the company has plans to support the Final Fantasy VII remaster. A statement from Final Fantasy VII director Hajime Tabata read, “Square Enix is pleased to announce the availability of the Final Fantasy VII remaster, to be published in Japanese, on March 26.”

It’s also worth noting, that Nintendo, now that they’ve finally revealed their own title plans after years of development, is apparently still busy building out a 2D Final Fantasy. And yes that is certainly a big part of the reason it helped the studio land such a highly anticipated title title. If both of these things fit together, it’s a big step forward for the company.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches as expected on PC on March 26, 2016. For more information on the official launch, go to: http://www.nintendo.co/news/2017-03-20-final-fantasy-7-remake-final-fantasy-6.html. And check out an image gallery of the game and our own Famitsu article.

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