It's about putting a stop to wasteful government spending that doesn't cost anyone anything and to protecting the budget that the legislature created for the good of the state.

According to U.S. Rep. Mark Walker of Wis. and Rep. Bruce Braley of Illo. He said that “the situation just keeps getting worse. More and more people are getting medical help but they’re not getting there,” even if they have their benefits extended. “It’s just not coming together.”

If you have received an emergency telephone call today, call your emergency number. This information will not be used for your convenience. Please note that it is only used if your doctor or other medical provider can locate you via a mobile device. You may not be able to call emergency numbers manually – call your doctor or other medical provider.

Fellow lawmakers:

Shelton: After a long struggle, Rep. Mark Walker has reached a compromise. The legislators need to amend the way emergency contacts are handled to allow the callers to report if they were informed of any problem, or if they believe someone is at risk. And to do so, keep our staff to the maximum extent possible, no matter circumstances. We ask that the bill be placed on floor for consideration by the general assembly . We will be happy to add our thoughts on the issue to the committee, but I’m not sure we will even get the time right if we are able.” Baucus: It became clear to the members Monday (Dec. 16) that they need to make an override of Gov. Scott Walker’s veto of the bill. “With it comes a bill which will help make Wisconsin’s health care system work. We have to move on to making sure everyone has access to services for their own health. This is not all about how the government collects phone calls but we are going to create a system where people are also able to make the call,” said Baucus. Walker’s vetoed bill is not about health care. It’s about putting a stop to wasteful government spending that doesn’t cost anyone anything and to protecting the budget that the legislature created for the good of the state. “There should be no tax increase or spending cut. It is the responsibility of the people to make this right, whether it be tax increases through the use of vouchers or through a medical device voucher,” says Baucus. If the governor changes course and they go all the way, then it’s time to have an emergency.” Baucus: “It’s time to enact an emergency bill. Then we get to work on putting in place a system that works together to provide better care for everyone in Wisconsin as quickly as possible.” Baucus and House Speaker Pete Ryan have been in this debate for years. It is not just one bill. Members of both parties also want to expand access for everyone. Baucus also talked about how they wish they could get a different way of doing the same thing, so this bill doesn’t “have to be something like the version he vetoed last February, nor the one he vetoed last year.” Republicans have also talked about using Medicaid dollars for everything from the kids’ room, to the office of the Secretary of State. The Senate Budget Committee passed the budget last Monday, which includes provisions that would expand Medicaid funds for health care workers. That is a very strong statement from a budget expert. There will be some changes in what this will mean. What they want will be many changes to the Department of Medicare, and they will have to find funding for the same services, some of which don’t meet requirements and others that don’t meet standards. It will be clear to everyone that we need to get to the real goal of “to provide better healthcare at this great cost every day of our lives.” Ryan: “We’ve worked on this this very hard . . . and we’ve said once again the question we must ask is: Will we pass these bills? Yes, we will. We need the people as we see them” to be able to make their voice heard. The more this legislation works, the more we will get in the state Senate, but even more importantly, we will be able to put an end to wasteful spending.

Walker said he would introduce this bill on Monday after having his two-thirds vote. The bill must make it through to the general assembly next week.

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