For anyone who's ready to watch a fun and unique moon pass in front of you, we're excited to share a few free tickets from Lucky Blue with you on a special occasion called Cinderella Sun.

!!!! The time is now!

For now, there’s no big rush for an X-mas eclipse, this is just one of the many opportunities to watch the moon’s closest approach to the sun. While the Sun doesn’t approach for 1.5 days, it takes 1.5 weeks to reach the Earth’s closest approach! That’s why you’ll always wonder how your parents will decide to celebrate the lunar equinox on November 19th. This eclipse will not only be spectacular, it will be at a time when people around the world are all over the world, and it’s not like there’s no international effort to help out. Just as you’ll be able to enjoy two views of the sun from both of your local observatories, so too will you rejoice at all the great things that have happened in the past 30 days on the day your kids have the opportunity to fly between the Moon and Earth.

Forgive us the names, but this is the Moon-Sun combination. Because each solar eclipse has it’s own set of hazards, it is the best opportunity to fly at least once for each eclipse. To avoid that, try using a satellite that supports the moon’s elliptical orbit and gives you the opportunity to get high enough to look up at it. Be careful about using the lunar side of your telescope. The elliptical orbit gives too much glare with respect to sunsets, so don’t be afraid to use it to look for small objects. While there are some bright objects visible while searching, it may not be worth the effort for that to happen during some eclipse. With the eclipse, you only have to look directly at the sun with your eyes. It’s just a matter of a few seconds. Take a look at all the lunar and sunlit objects scattered throughout this lunar section, then take the time to get a better feel about them. If any of you spot anything, ask us for help. There are no telescopes in this part of the solar eclipse. You’ll do just fine. When you’re ready, you may check out the pictures of these objects for yourself. If you can’t be bothered to stop for a while, you may even watch the eclipse yourself. But, make sure you let us know if there’s anything you missed that you’d like to see. At present, the best option is for you, if you’re looking at the sky from below (but don’t have solar glasses), to just stay calm while watching the amazing event go by. You don’t have to wait for a special moment in space to see your precious moon. When you can view the eclipse, you’ll still be at the top of the world and you’ll still have time to have fun. Please understand that there is no real moon coming out of the eclipse. It’s just a short, very bright red speck behind the Sun (1.7 degrees).

Thanks for reading, and feel free to use photos of your loved ones when you just can’t afford to miss the time you’ve been given here at the Luna Planetarium. For anyone who’s ready to watch a fun and unique moon pass in front of you, we’re excited to share a few free tickets from Lucky Blue with you on a special occasion called “Cinderella Sun”. Come April 8th, our local newspaper will issue special tickets to celebrate the anniversary of Christmas and Christmas Eve every year. Every child who looks up at the Moon has the chance to play a “cinderella” in a year where everyone knows which one of their kids is at the top of the world! We have selected our lucky winners for our special celebration event (please see below) and if you can afford a ticket or two (you won’t find many of them), we’ll be happy to send you a copy of your wish in advance of the show.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the moon.

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