After this week's practice, it is expected that the Avalanche's preseason schedule will include six games against teams from the North American Hockey League NAHL, CCHA, LWHL.

_ *Injured Players Alex Petrovic, Zach Bogosian and Alex Kostic will all make the trip. Bogosian has been listed on the 15-day disabled list with a right tibial muscle strain. Kostic suffered his season-ending right foot injury against the Buffalo Sabres on Friday night. It will start the year in the hospital, but should prevent Kostic from seeing any team games until January . Kostic’s absence will have no bearing on the Avalanche’s opening-day plans for the upcoming year. The Avalanche will play the Buffalo Sabres on Wednesday at 7 p.m. against the Pittsburgh Penguins at American Airlines Center (745 Sports Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba). All season series will be broadcast live from NBC, CSN, Sportsnet and Radio Ontario for the remainder of the season, as well as on the network’s digital channel (link): The Avalanche are tied with the Ducks for second place in the West. The Ducks sit at 8-1-1 and hold their season-high win total at 9-0-2. Ducks forward Zach Cuthbert has two points (one goal, three assists) in three games and was placed on the injured list Wednesday night by Colorado after missing the past seven games with a non-game left grade in his left foot. Cuthbert could be rested before the second period on December 5th. The Avalanche are tied for second in the West with the Phoenix Coyotes and are tied for third in the Eastern Conference behind Vancouver and Chicago. “I’ve been through two full games, so I’m in constant pressure and I don’t want to waste good players on bad players. These kinds of injuries tend to come out of all your preparation and everything,” said Cuthbert this season. “They don’t make it a lot easier. You let them take you out of the game if you’re out late, and you get to your end there and they put you in a difficult situation and that’s the kind of pressure you have to put on yourself first and in a bit of a fight-for-your-ass-against-the-bad-team way.” After this week’s practice, it is expected that the Avalanche’s preseason schedule will include six games against teams from the North American Hockey League (NAHL, CCHA, LWHL). The Avalanche will play the Western Conference Final in Denver on November 8, and the playoffs this weekend at Providence. It is anticipated that the Avalanche will face the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday night for the first time in 18 years. For more info, visit:

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