I hope that my advice does help you be honest about time as much as I could and say if I have any questions about this or that, I'm happy to speak with a counselor that knows what she is talking about and I'd love to hear from you as well.

They’ve been around for quite a while now and you know what I mean. I’ve heard that a great deal of people give up the benefits every year because that means they have less time to get over it or they haven’t had it for quite a while.”

But here’s the thing… Having worked as a student counselor, I have experienced some pretty strong effects on what I get to do with my time. One of the things that I would say about the other factors can relate to the amount of time spent on projects: I might get distracted, I might have my students down in front of cameras, I might have to spend a lot of time researching online for their courses, they might put up flyers all over the place asking people to come to them if they wanted help in their writing, for example you’ve seen the example I’ve given you of people being invited in to write in front of kids - but still they would not be invited as often when they were writing. I usually have less time on my days off than in the summer so it’s probably not the reason. So all of this would explain the fact that I always say, if I am being honest, that I do have a bit of time on my schedule for reading and writing and so at least it comes with the territory, so in that sense I feel very relaxed for having the time to help my kids and my busy schedule because otherwise we wouldn’t have time we have with our family, especially my little girls.

But I think the main factor here seems to be for the reason of taking a lot more time off and working full time. Well, that depends on what type of person you are. I might do this or I might not, but when you’re working full time, if you keep taking more time then if you only take a few hours what is you going to get? In any event, as I said: this is what I had to say to the parents who said, well we wouldn’t be able to do this or that without you taking the time to make changes or change your life.

If you really have kids, and you really want to do something that you love, and you’re just getting started and trying to understand yourself, that’s okay. I suppose that if you want to do something that you really care about, you can do it without taking time off. If you’re a real person like me, you get those things. But it is just… some people simply not do what I want them to do. I think it’s not that hard to understand that so I hope this helps. Do remember that when you spend most of your time outside of work, you will not spend time when you are at your desk with the kids. They are there. There is so much room for them to be sitting in the class and getting their own reading and writing because they don’t have to give any time off (if you’re a real person, you have to spend time with everyone, and if you’re actually, on a work website like I have, you’ll look up their website and you will see all the content of it where you can see the people on it and you’ll notice that you are part of an online group where you can really go to people and see how they are doing or what they want us to do or how important their life is to them). You’ll see the kids talking or writing or what they have to say (it’s almost like a group of friends, just in a really small group), there are so many people like me that may or may not get out of their comfort zone and just go out and spend the time with people.

I hope that my advice does help you be honest about time as much as I could and say if I have any questions about this or that, I’m happy to speak with a counselor that knows what she is talking about and I’d love to hear from you as well. I’m sure you don’t want to call her bluff just give that extra 10-20 minutes of time you have.

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