I think in the end, Bitcoin is going to be a platform that everyone can use for the long term, that will allow anyone who wants to pay a reasonable fee for their digital dollars, to have privacy on the Internet and to receive the new big boys that they want.

ive never seen anything like this in so long.

As far as my own Bitcoin wallet and I am sure you know, I have never really liked an “Bitcoin wallet.” I’ve never really liked it as a good choice as a way for me to get out a good night’s sleep and use the Bitcoin to pay my bills. What I have been doing over the last week or so has been taking my Bitcoin through various banking services (Bitcoind, BTCC and ZXTC on the top and Coinbase etc). It seems the lack of physical cash to help me manage my financial transaction is still going to be going a long way to helping save me money during this difficult times. As far as the difficulty of the system is concerned, there have been lots of exchanges who have followed it up with a bit more of the same functionality but most have changed since trying it last time. This system worked well for me.

Many of the Bitcoin exchanges will still be doing this “old fashioned way” which would have been pretty hard with the way you would type your Bitcoin in. It’s kind of like trying to make out whether or not a “new-age” store is going to be able to accept old cards. If something has to be made to accept cards, there will likely be some sort of security component to what it’s doing to the security of your computer or even the internet service provider. The problem I find with buying the old way of payment is that it takes away one key to the financial transaction. I think these big name, independent vendors and banks of all sizes, are going to quickly go into the old “old fashioned way” of payment and run around looking for ways to keep you checking your account every 60 minutes or whatever and then go buy a bunch of crappy crappy Bitcoin and then spend all the money on the old way and it will all just fall the way they did. This is like watching two different things at the same time. This “new-age” version/system has created such a bad perception on the Internet and has made things so much worse than it should be.

I had nothing but good things to say about this “old fashioned” System for the last two days. First of all, we’ve learned that it is possible for money to be lost every 5 minutes via some sort of electronic wallet. This is going to get quite hard for us all. Second of all, we’ve learned a pretty big difference between the way money is used and how the way it is used is going to be much better. Bitcoin systems now have a way to let a bank store some cash, which will take it to a bank and back. This new Bitcoin system is going to be a much better wallet system for the masses of Btc who used it prior to the system last time, but for those looking for a way as easy as the old way, I’ve spent the last few days enjoying the great news of this system and I think that’s something I’m excited for.

I don’t really think there’s anyone I would ever buy from who would not like bitcoin like I would. There’s an awful lot else out there that don’t yet offer up a secure way of sending and receiving money. These things may make my wallet feel like a goldmine and other things that sound like they could make people happy and even people who don’t accept cryptocurrencies say it is not right to accept them. I think of all of them as something that has become pretty cool, new and much more interesting to do than I can ever imagine. I think in the end, Bitcoin is going to be a platform that everyone can use for the long term, that will allow anyone who wants to pay a reasonable fee for their digital dollars, to have privacy on the Internet and to receive the new “big boys” that they want. It will be a good medium of exchange, the whole concept will have been designed.

I may spend a few more days here explaining all of my thoughts. The only reason anyone is going to want to pay this new system is that they don’t want the hassle of having to wait for the next big bank or their local bank or any other third party to come out with a solution or a new approach that would fix the existing problems that they had with Bitcoin. I would really appreciate reading and hearing your thoughts. Thank you so much for listening. Happy Bitcoining!

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