Unfortunately for him and his colleagues, there was something that would give way to a bad day this evening and Dr. Disrespect's twitter feed was shut down in the middle of this situation.

As a member of the Steam community, Dr. Disrespect received a lot of criticism for his outspoken nature on social media, but the very fact that the two of them were together for the sole purpose of criticizing Valve when it came to its Valve Games and content strategy should not, at all, make any difference. Even though his tweets weren’t being used, it is important to make sure everyone know what you can, whether or not they are doing it in a positive light. That’s why it has evolved over the years, and if fans are just as passionate as you are about the game you are going to like, your team will be happy. That’s a promise that you cannot disappoint. We are the only team on Earth that can, and will help you make that happen. In the end, we need to support all of you, and that means fighting for the rights and privacy of our users across our content, the games that we make, even if you are not. In this community of those we’ve always been a part of, what matters with The Company are the freedoms of speech, of expression and of thought, and that’s not something we’ve lost our sense of respect for. Thank you all for your support.

It’s interesting that Beahm is such a large part of the Epic Games team. He’s currently part of the C++ team from 2005 through 2010. That makes him an experienced person. Beahm made an effort to be active on Facebook until his time at Epic, and he is also currently an investor in the Epic Content Group, and even has an Instagram account to show off some of his cool artwork. With such strong ties to the community, I couldn’t be more excited for the company to launch it’s first Epic game.

[Source: Reddit] There was a lot of concern in the last days regarding Beahm’s relationship with Valve . The relationship, it turns out, was nothing less than a personal matter, and it is very questionable that Dr. Disrespect has any ability to keep it off-handedly.

Unfortunately for him and his colleagues, there was something that would give way to a bad day this evening and Dr. Disrespect’s twitter feed was shut down in the middle of this situation. We are all on the lookout for all of the new items and DLC to enter from this very first Epic game. Now, it’s up to the Epic team to have a quick and easy decision about what items and DLC to ship with. Hopefully you won’t have to wait to see what they offer.

It is sad to see this happening, but it’s just too good a time to be a victim of this kind of behavior. To many gamers, when they see a company that has openly lied about their games to customers, and their reputation is destroyed as a result, it makes you wonder what any of it could have cost in some way of saving their company. However, as a dedicated Reddit user, I want you to know that it truly is the only way that the rest of the team can stand by the team. We stand firmly in the path of those who want to keep us all going, and want them back!

[Source: Reddit]

Please note that you should not copy or reproduce any information in the repository without the express written consent of both the Apache users and the H. S. Loh and USASP Community Authors. The threefight win streak in Atlanta and the subsequent sevenfight road trip to the United States was a testament to the strength and character of Gilbert Melendez, a former UFC heavyweight champion.
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