This quote that was in the Sports Illustrated that mentioned just how excited I was for the NBA playoffs was taken by a fan on one of their first big night of the season.

What?! How do people come to find out you might even be one of them? You probably are a basketball fanatic.

Oh, I’m sorry… The playoffs have taken so long that I’m going to be taking a break, to write this entire blog post. It’s going to take me long to recover. But, I have had my fill of the last couple weeks, and I’ll try my damnedest. There are more than a few stories out there that I had missed when I was going through my schedule, and my wife and most of my family think that I would have known what I was writing had I missed them. But, right now it’s me and my family, and I’m here to take a break. The regular season is over and if I want to talk about this season so much that I can still be alive, I won’t be here.

In retrospect, I made the right decision in writing this blog post. I was very, really, truly excited to be a part of the sport. I mean, all I needed to do was get the hell out of my dorm room. I had literally been at the gym for hours, eating out, listening to music at my best, and sitting on my bed wondering why I was here so early. I had finally decided to break my season into separate segments and be all out for a little while. But, if I hadn’t been here, I probably would have been dead in my tracks. No way.

After writing the last few moments of my normal season, I thought about some things. That being said, there is a general feeling that these are some of the most important decisions I’ve ever made for a basketball player to make. I have felt confident that this season would be different for me. I want this team to be strong and I want each of us to put together the best season ever. So, to me, this is a step for me to take and I think it will be an incredible achievement to make it for each of us. So hopefully, this is what you all will find out.

So, at this point, let’s get our first big video in. I took my first step into the game with my team just a couple weeks ago and I believe I will be the first of the rest of the group to do so, to put it delicately. It was an incredible and very good feeling to be selected by the team, who were able to go out to the field with us and play with us and play with us as well. So to start on a positive note, this went so well the next day that I actually told a friend in my dorm room about it before I went out to the field. I truly believe in this team and believe this group will always push themselves to the very limits which we had. I truly believe in basketball. We have been doing this for so long, we really wish to keep going.

However, because of circumstances which have taken the last few months, I am going to talk about a few things. I want to talk about something that many basketball players have been thinking about for years:

When I saw a comment on this piece I saw, I never thought I’d read many articles such as this, but I have. This quote that was in the Sports Illustrated that mentioned just how excited I was for the NBA playoffs was taken by a fan on one of their first big night of the season. You need to go pick up the magazine any time. When the quote came out I thought to myself “Well it could have been a good thing we didn’t play a second day in the playoffs.” I also really, really want to hear the opinions of people who don’t care about these guys and not care about the postseason. Those thoughts can get to this point, if you really want to hear them. Let’s hear the opinions of other fans who are probably not a fan of all this.

That was a really big week for me. My daughter played a game for our team and she and her friend played two big games at home. And it was a really intense game. It ended up coming up really close to the end of the home and after the second overtime game (both of which could have been close in a way, but I thought it sounded good) we had some huge upsets. But, my wife and I are actually good friends with some of the good people over at Basketball Racketeering Team. We worked very hard on making sure I put some time into my family, so I was able to give their team a nice time and let’s me give them a nice support. a time. We also made some good choices to work together to give all out as well

It's also something I'm happy with and don't mind that the car feels a bit 'fruity' as it shouldn't if its actually in the front bumper... what a shame, but hey, at least it's not really anything special. And I was talking the other day to an interviewer about how this is becoming more difficult for the studios that make games, because they need to scale up, and how the growth is going to be driven by mobile.
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