So, the current state of the scifi action games is very interesting, so give back your support in the fan community here.

This story will hopefully include various scenarios that will hopefully include a bunch of people looking at their e-mail box when their characters are being run in a virtual reality game. That said, there will still be a lot of content at play. The list of content is endless so I am just moving on.

On to the topic of the title of this post. Most will recognize what is coming. We will start off with the following content:

For a minute and a half I did some thinking about the titles at first. I think I should have mentioned “Dark Future”, but there it is. I was in a world where the same kind of world was inhabited by people with the same powers. I guess we will have to wait and see in what way I approach it. The “Dark Future” part of “Cyberpunk 2077” is about the game and what happened to humanity in the time and the aftermath of human war. The time of cybernetic implants is coming. The new reality of cyberspace is being reconfigured into a digital world that is completely different than the one we live in today. How the last two decades have changed will affect and influence the future. The technology of cybernetic implants is changing and will create very different paths to meet.

I was wondering which of several different titles the audience might appreciate. I do not like any title that does not attempt a sci-fi feel. A Sci-fi “Racing Game” where players control space travel through the universe to fight off the alien invaders. There are also other movies set in a futuristic space that do nothing to alter this setting. At the same time, with a sci-fi focus I may want to keep one or a small part of this game for future reference. I will attempt not to change but to include those characters who are there for what they are meant to be for. Also, there are already some playable characters in this game. We talked about characters who are there to help with the game.

The character classes I will be using (as mentioned in the title) are the generic race with a “Cybernetic Overrider” ability. This ability has a variety of benefits for the game. It offers a lot of power in the game, such as a super strength that gives off less amount of energy than a power in the game (in case of enemies) and has the added bonus of a “Stasis Field”: more energy in the game and other things have the possibility of making the character take longer to recharge it. The next thing you will notice is that the character class increases in power depending on what part of the game you are playing. I used two classes, a character with a Cybernetic Overrider ability and an enemy. The skill “Cybernetic Overrider” which is very useful because it allows one use of one Cybernetic Overrider on a certain enemy or against all enemies in the game at once. The ability now allows the player to gain additional control and to choose which kind of abilities that character will be having to use or will lose control of. The skills “Shadow Knight Speed” are added to make the game much more fast paced and not a rush to beat the game.

Another character that uses the ability of hacking into a Cybernetical Overrider is Dr. Zarya. A “Cybertech Overrider” is a unique ability where the player has the choice of increasing power or decreasing power for a given character. I am considering that I will be starting out with a character with “Dark Future” which is more about the story and technology and the game more about the character as well which characters might use this ability. By doing so I am in many different directions. I am still figuring out all the different ways in which the game has to break out into different genres and different ways these two different titles could diverge from one another.

There have been other things that I want to focus on in this post, but it will be much easier to get to a point. So for now, the main message to readers is this if you decide to try a different title and not a “new” title, here is my suggestion for the next generation of sci-fi action games and if you feel like making a new game for a different genre would be better. I would love to hear your opinions in the comments and I will look forward to adding them along the way in different directions. It will be fun and I think a lot of the fans of sci-fi action will love this game, especially for sci-fi fans. And it’s important that you help me improve my game. I hope you enjoy my work.

Do you think this will be a “real” space opera game or if this is more about fun and “new” genre games, where every character is equipped with various things like “Cybernetic Overrider” abilities. So, the “current” state of the sci-fi action games is very interesting, so give back your support in the fan community here.

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