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Big Data R&D

The Irish Times has developed a multi-million, multi-annual, big data R&D programme focussed on radical innovation in the newsroom. We have been working with Enterprise IrelandScience Foundation Ireland, and with the leading computer science research centres in the country to build up a world class consortium for big data R&D.

And crucially, where many organisations have made customer data the primary focus of their big data work, our focus at the outset is to find and deliver the critical insights that separate a story worth reading from just another distracting tid bit.

Learn more about The Irish Times’ work on ‘big data’ R&D here.

big data to find critical insights for better stories


If a 153 year old newspaper is to adapt, to experiment, and take useful risks, it makes sense to work with startups. Since The Irish Times’ initial eight week experiment in 2012, both the NYT and the BBC have followed with their own ways of incubating early stage digital businesses. But beyond incubation there is a wider opportunity. Established media businesses ought to make themselves aware of startups’ ideas, skills, and ways of working. And they should support the startup community with a view to increasing the flow and cross pollination of ideas and knowhow.

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The Irish Times works with startups


Irish Times FUSION matched the energy of Ireland’s startup community with the enormous market access of the branding and advertising world.

And along the way we worked with The Financial Times, The Boston Globe, and the international media (through WAN-IFRA, an association of 18,000+ outlets) to provide Ireland’s startups with the widest possible base for growth and validation. The top deck of the advertising and branding industry participated too: The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and Contagious.

Learn more about Irish Times FUSION here.

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